Your New Music Round Up: 21/04

Your weekly round-up of the best new releases and emerging artists from the past week. Featuring the surprising (and brilliant) return of Paramore, more London Grammar and another Sigrid banger.

Dua Lipa: Lost In Your Light (feat. Miguel)

When it was announced that Dua Lipa’s record was being held back to later in the year due to collab additions, we were distraught, although I think it’s safe to say the push back was totally worth it. Lost In Your Light drips in seduction all whilst entering shallow disco territories. You just know when a collaboration between two artists works, and with Dua & Miguel’s vocals melting together everything feels just right.

Paramore: Hard Times

The best comeback 2017 has ever seen. Paramore further prove they’re able to tackle any sound they wish, not limiting themselves and reminding us that they’re still the nostalgic 2005 band we once fell in love with. Renewed and looking as glowing as ever, Hayley Williams takes us on a groove with Hard Times, the first taste off their highly anticipated fifth album After Laughter due out May 12th.

MØ: Nights With You

We’re beginning to think the MØ sophomore record is just a myth and that a string of standalone singles is all that the future sees. However, despite being standalone for the time being, MØ sure picks the best of the bunch. Just like the others, Nights With You’s lyrics will eventually get crammed into your brain, although you won’t be mad, just full of embrace.

Sigrid: Plot Twist

Sigrid is hands down our ‘it’ girl of 2017, and rightfully so. Plot Twist radiates the very same anthemic feel that Don’t Kill My Vibe was smothered in; with choruses you’re able to scream at the top of your lungs not going a miss. Not only are the tunes incredible but the branding is on point; who’d have thought wearing your song titles on items of clothing would be so in right now?

London Grammar: Oh Woman Oh Man

This new London Grammar record is shaping up quite nicely isn’t it? Now onto our fourth cut from their new album Truth Is A Beautiful Thing, we’re likely to have this one on repeat in the office for a good chunk of the year.

NUUXS: Out The Blue

Out The Blue balances weight and ambience perfectly, coming across as effortlessly light with a contrasting heavy undertone. This is the pre-Summer, cider-in-the-park track you didn’t realise you needed until now. NUUXS is ready to take on the world one release at a time, trust us.” We premiered this pop gem yesterday, take a look here.

Lorde: Sober (Live from Coachella)

During Coachella weekend Lorde rattled the crowd up with brand new tracks from Melodrama. Sober leans more towards the Green Light region sound wise, albeit a bit of Liability sneaks in there with the haunting Sober (Interlude) that follows straight after in live performances. It’s become clear Melodrama is going to be an album for the criers and the downright partiers, with Homemade Dynamite having quite the explosive chorus. Well worth a watch.

Hurts: Beautiful Ones

Hurts are back! After what seems an eternity, the slow jam duo marked their comeback with Beautiful Ones, the bold and emotional return we’d hoped the band would provide. Accompanying the track is the cinematic video telling a heartbreaking tale of anti LGBTQ+ violence that we feel couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

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