Your New Music Round Up: 19/05

Your weekly round-up of the best new releases and emerging artists from the past week. Featuring Selena Gomez sampling Talking Heads, a contemplative offering from Lana Del Rey and Francis and the Lights with a little help from his friend.

Leon Else: What I Won’t Do

What I Won’t Do demonstrates Leon Else’s potential to be pop’s next big break out. This track is layered in flavours of disco, soul and synth-pop with lyrical content addressing love, loneliness and one night stands. A track that offers a nostalgic vibe without it being overpowering.

Selena Gomez: Bad Liar

Selena shared the first taste of her upcoming album in the form of this feathery percussive track, the infectious hook over a bassline lifted from Talking Heads’ Psycho Killer is packing serious replay value.

Lana Del Rey: Coachella/Woodstock In My Mind

Lana’s Lust for Life continues to show promise with new track ‘Coachella/Woodstock In My Mind’. This mildly electronic backing track narrates Lana’s confliction of dancing at Coachella whilst there’s tensions building in North Korea.

HAERTS: No Love for the Wild

The Brooklyn duo are charting new territory with new single No Love For Wild, which sees the pair go from their synth-pop beginnings into this stunning stripped back raw song. Nini’s vocals throughout convey this intense raw emotion, making this song more of an atmospheric event.

Erasure: A Bitter Parting

Now on their 17th album, Erasure display on tracks like A Bitter Parting, that even 31 years into their career, they’re still a the top of their game. A Bitter Parting is this grand atmospheric offering that oozes in juxtaposed goodness.

RAYE: The Line

Hot off her appearances on Charli’s mixtape and global smash You Don’t Know Me, RAYE readies up her debut album with The Line. The fiery party anthem boasts attitude and one of the year’s sleekest middle 8s.

Francis and the Lights: May I Have This Dance (Remix)

Francis Starlite has enlisted the help of close friend Chance the Rapper to revamp his track May I Have This Dance. Chance delivers this touching verse dedicated to his newly born daughter. The uplifting music video showcases the boys’ choreographed dance moves.

Cigarettes After Sex: Each Time You Fall In Love

Each Time You Fall In Love is the dreamy new track, which like the rest, really hits you hard with its raw honest lyrics. This airy ambient track captures the good and bad moments of falling in love and does so in a way that’ll captivate anyone who comes across it.

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