Your New Music Round Up: 17/03

Your weekly round-up of the best new releases and emerging artists from the past week. Featuring two tracks from two of Sweden’s finest exports and even more Charli XCX.

The Sound Of Arrows: Beautiful Life

Those unfamiliar with The Sound Of Arrows’ debut Voyage are missing out on an impeccable listen. Six years down the line and the Swedish dream-pop duo have dropped Beautiful Life, sounding like a Take That comeback that you’d actually care to turn your attention to.

Mura Masa & Charli XCX: 1 Night

Following 2016’s collab with A$AP Rocky, Mura Masa takes aim at lady-of-the-moment Charli XCX for this trippy, steel pan laden joint release. Whilst XCX is already on the path to claiming 2017 as her own following her rather brilliant Number 1 Angel mixtape, this may finally be Mura Masa’s ticket to superstardom.

Zara Larsson: TG4M

Arguably one of the most anticipated records of 2017 so far, pop savior/icon/all-round hero Zara Larsson’s worldwide debut does not disappoint (thank God for that.) TG4M, or Too Good For Me, is one of the more subtle moments to crop up on the record, still landing itself as a highlight from a rather good bunch of tracks.

LØVER: Lonely Now

We don’t know too much about LØVER other than that he’s from Bergen, makes pretty chill RnB and is fairly useless at Twitter. New track Lonely Now sounds like a Chad Valley off-cut, ripped straight from the romantic night-drive scenes from every great 90’s teen flick.

Frank Ocean: Chanel

Slap as many ‘song of the summer’ labels over this as you like as it’s probably all you’re gonna want to listen to once the sun works it way out. No one is too sure what this one-off single release is in aid of, though we doubt the phrase ‘new Frank Ocean’ is ever going to fill anyone with dread.

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