Your New Music Round Up: 17/02

Your weekly round-up of the best new releases and emerging artists from the past week. Featuring a (very good) Oasis rendition from a band willing to cover an entire Liam and Noel record, Youtube’s strangest musical upstart and our favourite ‘new Lorde’ of the moment.

PWR BTTM: Big Beautiful Day

Punk-pop is best when presented in the form of PWR BTTM-shaped packages. Subliminal messages hidden between layers of drums and a striking bass; the duo know a thing or two about creating smart pop music. With the new record Pageant out in May, the Brooklyn pair are soon to dominate the best of lists, and rob the world for all the glitter they can grasp onto.

Yumi Zouma: She’s Electric

No one expected Yumi Zouma’s Oasis cover album of (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? to become a reality back when the band posed the idea in 2016; albeit actually being a thing is what’s making 2017 look as promising as ever in the music whirlpool. Dropping their first taste of what’s to come from the record due out 4/6, the quartet showcase what they’re able to accomplish when diving into genres unknown to them, further proving that Yumi Zouma are the ones everyone should be keeping a firm eye on.

Maggie Rogers: Better

Maggie Rogers is one to strike a comparison or two; being labelled as the ‘new Lorde’ frequently, when really being the ‘first Maggie Rogers’ feels like a much greater achievement. It’s no surprise Rogers became a critic’s darling when attached to her comes a captivating image and airy sound; her debut EP Now That The Light Is Fading only bound to craft a buzzing aura around herself.

That Poppy: I’m Poppy

Internet prodigy Poppy switched off the camera and returns with even more lustrous ear-candy. The contrast between Poppy’s YouTube channel and her somewhat music career is vast; the smart move of garnering an audience by creating otherworldly videos is just one of many tricks the LA lady has hidden up her sleeve. Her name is Poppy – and this song won’t let you forget that.

Little Dragon: High

It’s been a tiresome three years since we last heard brilliance from Little Dragon; and what better way to make a triumphant return than to come back serving smoky chilled R&B pop. Blissful melodies from Yukimi Nagano are something the music scene has been lacking of recently, so to hear them again after so long is something everyone should be appreciative of.

Kygo and Selena Gomez: It Ain’t Me

What do we love more than a Selena Gomez pop song? A Selena Gomez pop song with a drop that defines how Summer should sound. There’s not much to say about It Ain’t Me, the title and artists attached should give you a fine indication to how it sounds; expect doses of tropical and underlying lyrics that suggest a big ‘fuck you’ to an ex, though expressed in a much more etiquette way.

Cashmere Cat: Love Incredible ft. Camila Cabello

Seemingly one of many features to come in hopes of spreading her name out there, Love Incredible acts as Camila’s first release since the Beyoncé-esque (or so the Harminizer’s claim) exit from Fifth Harmony last year. We’re unsure what to expect from a full length Cabello debut, though the twinkling sounds of this Cashmere collab leaves us with an open mind as to what she’ll bring to the table later on in the year.

Oscar Key Sung: Shallow

Shallow is an ode to all the 3am club go-ers left lonely on the dance floor come the final number of the night, it’s a comforting shoulder for the hopeless romantics thinking they once found ‘the one’. R&B never sounded so smooth till Oscar Key Sung came around; his ability to story tell whilst keeping up with the momentum of the synthy beat is what makes us anticipate future releases from the Australian wonder – his debut album being our main focus.

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