Your New Music Round Up: 14/07

Your weekly round-up of the best new releases and emerging artists from the past week. Featuring Zola Jesus, Le Grind and The Sound Of Arrows.

Zola Jesus: Soak

Behold a track written from the perspective of a serial killer’s latest victim ahead of being thrown into a river to drown, courtesy of everyone’s favourite Queen of doom-and-gloomy alt-pop. What’s not to love?

The Sound Of Arrow ft. Niki & The Dove: Shadow Of Your Love

In the campest collaboration of 2017 so far, Swedish heroes The Sound Of Arrows and Niki & The Dove team up for this sultry, epic ballad that showcases the utter beautiful of Scandi-pop at its finest.

Le Grind: Bricks

Flamboyance at its peak, Le Grind’s Bricks would easily win the ‘most outrageously O.T.T track of the week’ award, courtesy of a trio intent on bringing the sounds of the late-80s NYC Ballroom scene back to the mainstream.

Tyler, The Creator: Boredom

In what appears to be an overtly mature turn for the enigmatic Odd Future member, Tyler, The Creator has crafted a mighty fine record that looks set to be a standout of 2017. New cut Boredom features both Corinne Bailey Rae and Nordic-pop duo Anna Of The North and is perfect to soundtrack these short blasts of summer heatwave we keep getting.

Check out our recent interview with Anna Of The North about their Tyler, The Creator and Frank Ocean collaboration right here.

Empress Of: Go To Hell

One of only two (incredible) tracks to appear from Empress Of since her marvellous 2015 debut Me, Go To Hell will fill the Robyn-shaped hole that the pop scene is in dire need of seeing to.

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