Your New Music Round Up: 14/04

Your weekly round-up of the best new releases and emerging artists from the past week. Featuring the long-awaited Will Joseph Cook record, Sarah Close’s continuing rise to pop-stardom and a new-ish one from Declan McKenna.

Declan McKenna: Brazil

“Oooh I like thi-wait hang on a minute…” Yes, ok, you’ve clocked us. This is in fact Declan McKenna’s single from way back in the beginning of last year, BUT it’s been accompanied with a brand-new video that’s just sprinkles in all things retro. Our inner hipster selves are screaming.

Kiiara (ft. Felix Snow): Whippin

Low-key trendsetter of using chopped up vocals in choruses of songs has returned! Though we’ve seen collaborations throughout, it feels as if Kiiara went through a bit of a hiatus towards the end of last year, thankfully she’s back and giving us the spring bop we’ve been wishing for.

Chelsea Jade: Life Of The Party

Talking of hiatuses, boy have we been waiting for something new from Chelsea Jade. “Not the life of the party, I lay low, lay low” whilst Life of the Party acts as an ode to all introverts, once the chorus hits you’ll quite literally be the life of said party with the amount of movement your body is doing. In the middle grounds of being chill and ambient, Chelsea Jade hits the nail on the head again with this one.

Will Joseph Cook: Treat Me Like a Lover

The WJC debut is here, hurrah! It took us quite a while to come to the decision on what track should make the playlist, with the consideration of including the entire LP at one point. Treat Me Like a Lover is a perfectly structured pop song from start to finish, what more could you ask for? If you’re digging the WJC record as much as us, check out our chat with him where we talk all things sweet and album related.

Tkay Maidza: Glorious

Even if you’ve never seen the TV show Girls, you’ve got to appreciate their impeccable soundtracks. Tkay has always been a little under the radar (okay, criminally under the radar), albeit something tells us Glorious is just waiting to be that summer smash.

Sarah Close: Caught Up

You’ve heard Call Me Out, you’ve fallen in love, and now there’s an entire EP for us to sway back and forth to. Appearing out of which feels like thin air, Sarah Close is set on stapling her name in pop music… By all means Sarah, be our guest.

Huntar: Echo

Another case of an artist disappearing for fuck knows how long only to return with an absolute corker. From the first listen you just know Echo is bound to be mental at a live show, more the reason to catch the man himself at his upcoming UK tour next month.

Anteros: Cherry Drop

In complete contrast to said-artists whose bangers only appear once in a blue moon, London indie pop-ers Anteros seem to be adamant on dropping hit after hit after hit. Cherry Drop is the latest of these, sweet and summery enough to make it one of our favourites from today.

Vök: Breaking Bones

Straight off the back of supporting Goldfrapp at London’s prestigious Roundhouse, Vök drop latest track Breaking Bones and win us over instantly. Icelandic dream-pop at its finest, with enough hints of Fever Ray and Björk to make this one of our favourites to crop up this week.

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