Your New Music Round Up: 05/05

Your weekly round-up of the best new releases and emerging artists from the past week. Featuring the glorious return of HAIM and another epic bop from Paramore.

LANY: The Break-Up

Now an established favourite in LANY’s live sets, The Break-Up marks the third release from everyone’s favourite indie-pop three-piece. The self-titled debut record (finally) drops at the end of June.

Sigrid: Fake Friends

Another week, another amazing track from Norway’s 2017 breakthrough act Sigrid. The track is lifted off the 20 year old’s debut Don’t Kill My Vibe EP, accompanied with the trio of ace pop numbers she’s spent 2017 chucking out. Plus, the single artworks featuring clothing with the song titles embroidered on get even better each time…

Perfume Genius: Just Like Love

Another record shaping up to be a 2017 highlight, the latest track to emerge from Perfume Genius’ latest record No Shape slows down the tempo and whacks up the feels for this clattering, emotional slow-jam.

Paramore: Told You So

This record is shaping up quite nicely, isn’t it? Though Told You So doesn’t quite reach the sky-high mark of Hard Times, it’s further proof that we may have a (fairly unexpected) record of the year on our hands here…

HAIM: Want You Back

However you expected HAIM’s returning track to sound, this is going to be pretty similar. Though we aren’t a million miles away from the sound of the trio’s debut, they’re back on top form shining through the array of guitar pop that tried to fill in the 2 year long, HAIM-shaped gap.

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