XPOSED: The Theatre Staging Queer Life Realness

Whilst nobody appreciates unsolicited nudes, we can all appreciate the naked truths to be performed at the Hens & Chickens Theatre in North London.

Queer narratives have long sought for spaces to stage themselves in. From trans femme performance artist, Travis Alabanza, to Tim Miller, queer folks and those whose identities are located in the margins and negative space of society have long used the theatre to uncover and navigate truth. Their work, experimental both in presentation of self and in their exploration of theatrical form and content, pushes the spotlight on the flux of self and desire.

From truths of the fleshy body to truth-content found in how we identify and individuate, artistic directors Chris Davis and Sam Luffman have committed to exploring the landscape of queer subjectivity.

The two met training on the StoneCabs Young Directors Programme 2016/2017. Chris, whose background is West End marketing, reconciled with Sam’s expertise in Applied Theatre experience. The two use the Full Disclosure Theatre as a platform to articulate and disarticulate stories of emerging artists. By devising XPOSED – set to take centre stage on 19 and 20th November – it locates 8 artist’s stories in the Highbury and Islington scene.

The two nights will feature eight plays by eight emerging writers:

Fluid by Nick Maynard

Directed by Shafeeq Shajahan

Now everyone’s equal and everyone’s the same. But some of us don’t want to be the same. What happens in a post-gay world when sexuality becomes fluid?

Stars by D.J. Sylvis

Directed by Edwina Strobl

A conversation between two universe-crossed lovers who’ve never met, brought closer by the stars that surround them both.

The Scene by Angus Fisher

Directed by Chris Davis

This trip to Bangkok won’t be forgotten anytime soon. A tale about what happens when you mix love, sex and alcohol.

One Night Fran by Adam Szudrich

Directed by Sepy Baghaei

When three women go on separate dates with Fran, they see the same things in very different ways.

Something About Billy by Mark Daniels

Directed by Jake Leonard

Michelle has something to tell Kevin about their son Billy. A comedy about coming out to a traditional, working-class family.

Gold Star by Roisin Moriarty

Directed by Will Maynard

To some, squishy bits are irrelevant. To others, they’re all that matter. A primary school teacher gives her date a light-hearted lesson in acceptance.

The Temp by David Hendon

Directed by Sam Luffman

Russell becomes infatuated with office newcomer Tom – he just hasn’t told his wife. A weekend away at a conference offers Russell the chance to confront who he is.

Pray Your Wings Will Carry You by Oakley Flanagan

Directed by Alex Prescot

A chance encounter in a gay bar becomes an examination of the roles we play in sex and love

XPOSED will be entertaining truth on November 19th and 20th at the Hens & Chickens Theatre, 109 Paul’s Road, N1 2NA Tickets can be bought here.

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