When Art Lives Up To The Hype

Spring has sprung at Maddox gallery with the recent unveiling of their new Bradley Theodore exhibition and all the glamour that accompanies his Midas touch and celebrity fan-base. ‘The Second Coming,’ sold out on its opening night.

In this show Theodore reworks traditional, celebrated artworks with his iconic deconstructed brushwork, equally macabre and pop in its aesthetic. Stand out pieces are ‘The Last Supper’, where the artist deconstructs Christ and his disciples to mere impressions, ‘Las Meninas’ and ‘The Scream.’

Theodore also re-imagines scenes from Marie Antoinette’s life, overdressed spectral skeletons painted in candy-coloured hues, both playful and unsettling, suggesting the darkside of her decadent lifestyle.

Theodore’s widely recognised infatuation with Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld is prominent here too, with a variety of pieces dedicated to the fashion titans. In a similar way, his integration within, and appreciation for the fashion industry can be seen in his triptych entitled the ‘Three Graces,’ where he immortalises Diane von Furstenburg, Muiccia Prada and Carolina Herrera.

When I see death, I see life, and I feel that death, as a symbol, is just black. I paint on black because it feels like going into the abyss and bringing out life, colour and emotion.”

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