What the World Would Look Like if AIDS Never Happened

Dubbed as the artistic lovechild of Black Mirror and Beyonce’s Lemonade, film-maker and activist Leo Herrera’s Fathers projects a future that never saw AIDS. The sci-fi documentary imagines the LGBT heroes and creatives that could have been in a HIV-less world.

HIV charity Avert claim that by the end of 1990, over 307,000 AIDS cases had been officially reported with the actual number estimated to be closer to a million. Between 8-10 million people were thought to be living with HIV worldwide.

Herrera told Huffington Post that the idea for the film came following the negative reaction to PrEP within the LGBT community: “there was so much confusion and anger, that I thought, ‘I really wish we had some older guides to get us through this.’ Then the sadness of how fatherless our community has been hit me. The men that are featured so far are artists and activists that have affected me personally, that I was already intimate with.””

Suzanne Moore reminds us how a generation of gay artists were simply “wiped out” because of AIDS, yet no one remembers, or even cares. She cites Mapplethorpe, writing that his death disturbed her “more than any pictures of fisting.”

“He was but one of a generation of artists, activists and athletes wiped out by AIDS”, she writes. “Why don’t we speak about this anymore? Is it ancient history?”

‘Fathers’ is set to be released later this year.

Photo: Andrew Savulich

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