What Gay Men Really Want This Valentine’s Day, According to Chappy

This week, Chappy the gay dating app for guys looking to find their ‘Mr. Right’ or their ‘Mr. Right Now’, helps redefine Valentine’s Day for the modern gay man. Launched in early 2017, Chappy aims to remove the stigma so often associated with the gay dating space.

As Wednesday 14th February approaches many of you are still wondering, ‘where’s my Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now?’ Or you’re wondering ‘what am I going to do with them?’ Because flowers and chocolates just won’t do!

The reality is, Valentine’s Day is now reduced to men purchasing last minute flowers, chocolates and wine in the hope of not disappointing their female partners. It means that Valentine’s Day 2018 is likely to be a particularly fluffy, heteronormative and uninspiring day for many gay men.

Chappy has teamed up with Psychotherapist, Lee Valls, to create their top tips helping you to not be basic this Valentine’s Day – so whether you’ve just met him or you’ve known him for years, here are some recommendations:


Men love experiences, get him something you know he’ll love (perhaps for the two of you) get out of town – try something new!

Spa day

Treat yourselves to a Spa day! Yes we want to look good too but we want him to be his best self also.


Cook a slightly ambitious meal together – this isn’t about cooking for him so he can put his feet up. It’s about teamwork, bonding and sharing the amazing fruits of your labour, together!

Independent Alcohol

Find an independent alcohol brand – adding a personal touch, an alternative to his favourite standard branded tipple!


Men, we’re simple folk! We know what we like, and we like what we know – so make sure it’s something he definitely likes!

“Valentine’s Day has long been about men wooing women, or husbands and boyfriends showing their female partners affection, making the day and the gift ideas particularly female-focused. It can be easy and damaging to think that men don’t require affection, appreciation, or simple gestures of romance.” Said Lee Valls, Psychotherapist.

Dating can be intimidating, especially in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day. We’re very happy to share our recommendations based on Lee Valls’ insight. It is our responsibility to create an environment that is safe, fun and trusted. Chappy wants to mobilise positivity and respect, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to remind ourselves of that.” Said Jack Rogers, Co-founder of Chappy.10

Download Chappy here to find your Mr Right or Mr Right Now this Valentine’s Day.