Track By Track: Slothrust Break Down Their Excellent New Covers EP

We’ll put good money on this being the greatest Britney cover you” hear this Friday…

Slothrust make pretty epic blues-influenced grunge, raking up three brilliant full-length records since their formation in 2010 and conquering stages at the likes of Lollapalooza this summer just gone. Fronted by queer-identified singer and guitarist Leah Wellbaum, the trio have now turned their attention to sold good old cover versions, now releasing a collection of six tracks in the form of new EP Show Me How You Want It To Be.

In line with the release of the EP, Slothrust bassist Kyle Bann runs us through the each track and the choice of each cover:

Sex And Candy (Marcy Playground Cover)

Sex And Candy is a song we’ve been covering pretty much the entire time we’ve been a band. It was something we used to pull out at college/house parties or in a bar after midnight. Everyone always seems to know the all the words somehow.”

Electric Funeral (Black Sabbath Cover)

Electric Funeral has long been one of my favorite Black Sabbath tunes. I vividly remember when I heard it for the first time. I was about ten years old, looking through my dad’s record collection and finding Paranoid still in its plastic wrapping. I said something like, “Hey Dad, who’s Black Sabbath?” To which he responded, “Eh, I never really liked that band.” That was all the encouragement I needed, I unwrapped it, put it on and my little mind was blown wide open.”

What A Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong Cover)

“Louis Armstrong was a staple on the family radio when I was young. Especially the duets album with Ella Fitzgerald. I always loved his deep scratchy distinctive voice. This tune was a fun chance for us to go back to our jazz and blues roots.”

…Baby One More Time (Britney Spears Cover)

… Baby One More Time was a tune I practiced extensively before we ever started playing it together. Have you ever listened closely to the bass line? It’s sick… I tried to learn Crazy as well, but it’s too complicated. We all LOVE Britney!”

Happy Together (The Turtles Cover)

Happy Together was a really fun one to work on. We started out playing it more straight ahead before we decided to completely change the chorus to make it darker and heavier. We love re-contextualization, it’s fun to take a pop song and turn it upside down.”

Let’s Stay Together (Al Green Cover)

Let’s Stay Together has got to be the quintessential love song. Leah does a wonderful re-harmonization and adaption of the melody which gives it a more ethereal spooky quality to it.”

Slothrust’s new EP Show Me How You Want It To Be is out today.

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