This Podcast Explores the Real-Life of a Queer, Muslim Sex Worker

A podcast documentary which follows the true story of a queer, Muslim sex worker from London has been released to the public. Arguably the most captivating three-quarters of an hour you’ll hear this month…

The groundbreaking podcast stars Maryam (not her real name) sharing what it’s like to live the life of a queer, Muslim sex worker in the capital. She speaks openly about her sexuality, Muslim identity and gives an insight into some of the clients she encounters along the way over the course of the 42-minute podcast.

“I will think sometimes, this is fucking insane – half an hour ago I was scissoring my girlfriend, and the next minute I’m at the mosque translating a religious sermon against gay marriage.” – Maryam

Producer and presenter Amy Ashenden, also the mastermind behind the viral documentary The Gay Word, has shared her excitement for this podcast and how it’s more than just an extraordinary story. “Maryam’s story is extraordinary but it’s also her real, everyday life, and she tells it so candidly and articulately in a way I’ve never come across before,” she details. “I hope people can learn a lot from her story and that it will make listeners rethink what it means to be queer or Muslim.”

The documentary is available with RSS so subscribe now wherever you listen to podcasts, including iTunes. Check out the visual trailer for this podcast below.

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