This Photo-Series Navigates Inked-Intimacy, Unity, and Sexuality

In the photographer, tattoo artist, and fashion designer’s latest photo-series, Serge Wesley Bloquert sets his lens on a diverse group of tattoed men.

Abandon the clothing. Cut the hair. Strip the flesh. Sexuality exists and inheres at the very core of our identity, for when everything is removed from us, our sexuality remains. Raw. Silent. Wild. When we oppress and disabuse our sexuality, we invite only injury and brutality to ourselves. The permanence, immediacy, and unalterability of sexuality is difficult to externalise and make present. But through the grammar of tattoos, photographer Serge Wesley Bloquert has made a neutral space to explore male intimacy and homosociality.

Their unabashed identity is navigated without judgment. Bloquert photographs a series of inked male models, with his previous works often being an anthology of images of men, posed to vulnerability. The ethics of seeing is travelled across their bodies as their bodies touch, their own individual modifications coalescing and forming a visual code for utopia.

“My intent in creating this series was to create a sort of space where men could come together as one beyond race and sexuality, but also to redefine the word masculinity in the meantime.” writes Bloquert, using his photography to sublimate difference into the wider framework of simply being human.A big part of my work is to empower people to be open and vulnerable; therefore it was crucial to represent this in the series.”

“Utopia is a space between realm and imagination, a space where love transcends race and sexuality, a space where masculinity only is, where it has no rules, no limitations or expectations, a space of acceptance without prejudgments.

In today’s society, we have been formatted to be afraid of people’s differences. We feel secure around what we know. I believe there is strength, wisdom, and beauty in the unknown. There is power in unity.”

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