This Coffee Shop Provides Victims of Modern Slavery a Way Out of Sexual Exploitation

A Brick Lane boudoir of good coffee, good cake and even better morals, Kahaila is a pastiche of hope in 2017, providing women who have been victims of modern day slavery, a way out of sexual exploitation as just one of its charitable efforts.

Working with London based charity Ella’s Home, the trendy East London coffee shop is officially registered as a charity and donates any profits to causes they believe can make the world a better place. By providing accommodation and a safe environment to enable a process of recovery, Ella’s Home and Kahaila ensure no survivor of sexual trafficking, exploitation and/or modern day slavery goes unheard.

The National Referral Mechanism (NRM) estimated that in 2014 alone, 2,340 people were labelled as potential victims of trafficking in the UK. Ella’s Home, however, report that the NRM findings only represent a snapshot of trafficking numbers. While acknowledging that larger charities do incredible work themselves, Ella’s Home and Kahaila offer additional and much needed services, all off the back of your iced caramel latte.

“We want to take an active role in addressing issues that affect us locally, nationally and beyond by allowing people to engage with them through Kahaila,” their website proudly reads. “This may be by networking individuals with similar interests or just by informing people if current needs in the local area.”

This, however, is far from the coffee shop’s only charitable venture, recently launching Luminary Bakery as a social enterprise designed to offer opportunities for women to build a future for themselves and their families. By investing in and releasing them to realize their dreams, through training, employment and community, Kahaila aims to break the generational cycles of abuse, prostitution, criminal activity and poverty, which currently hold these women back from reaching their potential.

The coffee shop have also recently opened a second venue in the heart of Aldgate for coffee lovers not able to get to Brick Lane with as much ease.

Oh, and we’re a massive fan of their colossal slabs of lavender and blueberry cake.

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