The Ten Most Revolutionary Moments of UNHhhh

In March last year, UNHhhh aired for the first time on our screens, creating a post-verbal gender-fuck web-series oozing with everything hilarious, gay culture and drag.

Since then, two seasons have been released with episode 50 (yes, thats fifty as in the big “five oh”) gracing our screens. To celebrate (like you would do with your grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary), we’ve picked out the ten most iconic moments, memes and memories that made the show so iconic.

UNHhhh for those unaware (or have been living under a great big heterosexual rock over the past year) is the injuriously hilarious and wildly inappropriate web series from RuPaul’s Drag Race alums Katya and Trixie Mattel. Every episode easily succeeds over half a million views with the drag duo rapidly reaching icon status. Blending wit, conversation, comedy and personal experience in a series where they talk about whatever they want, because it’s their show, and not ours, UNHhhh has become the weekly retreat from normality for so many drag lovers and comedy piners.


A *thworp* by any other name would not sound so sweet. One of the most endearing and desirable moments to come out of UNHhhh is the constant thworping we – as an avid audience – are subjected to. Thrworping for those who don’t know, is the ancient art form of opening a fan with the flick of a wrist. A spectacle to behold, Katya ended up selling “thworp” fans at this year’s DragCon in LA. A queen that can capitalise off of a meme is a queen of the people.

Oh Honey

Ohhhhhhhhhhh Honey, Ohhhhh HonAAAAy. Infectious, iconic and memorable, Trixie’s “West Hollywood Gay” impression went from one-off to sensation that has us perpetually cackling behind our computer screens. Though recently birthed on the web-series, the phrase has already risen to a global acknowledgement that – yes – this truly is a revolutionary aspect of the show.

That flying head episode

That’s episode 41 (and 42) to be precise, which, to the common people, is widely regarded as one of the most pain-inducingly hilarious six minutes the pair have released into the world. The episode, if you can call it one, just features Katya and Trixie playing around with green-screen whilst in green-screen suits, so only their heads are visible. It’s simple, but genius and regarded as one of the best moments of them both.

Katya’s chicken slurping

Debuting unapologetically in episode 29 of UNHhhh (that’s the Halloween special to you), which saw both queens doused in black, that chicken that you cannot avoid, no matter how hard you try has since become an iconic moment of the web series in its awful little way. We have no idea how it happened, why it happened or how to stop it, but we have to admit, we are rather intrigued.


Episode 34 of the show say the gender-bending duo discuss childhood, parenthood and parents who bring their kids to drag shows. Following on from a micro-rant regarding parents’ demand that drag queens become toys for kids, a glorious moment with birthed that saw the combination of a thworp and a street style-esque arm cross that led to the sensation that is the combo. Since then, episodes seem somewhat empty without a combo, double combo or triple combo slipping into the scenes.

Trixie and Katya laughing

Are they laughing? Or are they rehearsing for their audition of the Off-Broadway version of Jurassic Park? Maybe we’ll never know. Sometimes, the funniest moments in life do not emerge from what is said, but what isn’t and UNHhhh proves that perfectly with its ability to have us erupting in whale-like sounds of laughter from Trixie and Katya simply laughing. It’s truly beautiful.


Contact is a 1997 American science fiction drama film where a group of scientists make contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. The movie follows Dr. Ellie Arroway (Jodie Foster) racing to interpret a possible message originating from an alien and – yes – for some bizarre reason, Katya devotes so much screen time to the nichest references to the film as possible. We’ll never know why but we sure as hell love it.

Katya’s “Maureen voice”

The infamous character of Katya that has given us the likes of “Stay close to the candles. The stairway can be treacherous”, “Care for a fucking?” and “knick knock knick knock knick knock”, Maureen is the character you have a love/hate relationship with and is the personification of the scary woman you grew up to next door who your mother told you to always stay away from. Remember kids, don’t talk to strangers.

Attack of the white girls

For every Maureen voice, there is an equally questionable suburban post-caucasian wine-mom voice to accompany it. That is how the world balances itself out. The characterisation has given us crackers such as “Fresh cranberries?”, “I’m getting older, my body’s changing and that’s not something I’m gonna apologize for” and “So I wanna be something sexy but also something really scary and something that shows off my curves but totally covers me up and just something that breathes but super super heavy and just something thats creative but also something simple, you know?”

Those introductions

“Hi, I’m the writer of incredible niche lists about drag web series’ that you find yourself reading late at night, Dean Eastmond”. But, in all honesty, one factor that has remained true, hilarious and consistent are the incredible openings to each episode where both Trixie and Katya personify themselves as everything and anything, whether that be “the proud owner of an insurable disease, Herpes” or “that texting while driving PSA that still keeps you up at night”, each moment is iconic in its own right.

It’s fair to say UNHhhh is the web-series we didn’t ask for, but needed. You can catch episodes weekly on WOWPresents’ YouTube channel.

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