The Queen Right Here: Listen To Flint Eastwood’s ‘Badass Ladies Club’ Playlist

When we hear of a new artist signed to New York’s Neon Gold Records, we already know we’re in for a whole wrath of pop gems.

Flint Eastwood, the charming alias of Jax Anderson, is no exception to this. Hailing from Detroit, she crafts striking, alternative pop complete with one heck of an empowering punch that sits rather nicely alongside her labelmates Charli XCX, Tove Lo and Christine and the Queens. In line with the release of her new brilliant EP Broke Royalty and standout track Queen, Flint Eastwood curates the exceptionally good Badass Ladies Club playlist just for HISKIND.

We quizzed the artist on her latest EP and playlist of all round badass ladies, filled to the brim with enough reasons for why female pop really is the greatest. No doubt you’ll be hitting repeat for the foreseeable future…

Talk us through how Queen came together and the story behind the track

Queen was written about the first time I was asked what it’s like being a woman in music. I had never felt any different because of my gender identity & it sort of confused me why they were even asking. I’ve always set the precedent that I’m the boss of my art – I’m the queen of my art, not a soldier doing someone else’s bidding.

Your Broke Royalty EP oozes empowerment, can you pinpoint anything specific that you found empowering during the process of making the EP?

I helped co-found a collaboration space called Assemble Sound in my hometown of Detroit, MI. A few artist friends pulled our money together, bought a church from the 1870’s, & renovated it ourselves. A lot of the songs on Broke Royalty are written about that space. It’s an amazing feeling to see artists grow & to be a part of their journeys while having them a part of mine.

What’s the best way to describe your music to someone who is yet to hear you?

Pop music that never sleeps.

Which upcoming female musical talent should we all be excited about?

The band Joseph

Who are the most badass ladies?

Michelle Obama, Patti Smith, my mom, & Laura Jane Grace.
Flint Eastwood’s Broke Royalty EP is out now.

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