The Independent Chocolate Brands to Know About in 2017

As that healthy eating fad you promised yourself you’d stick to after the New Year has probably fallen to pieces and Easter edges ever so closer, we’ve picked out our favourite independent chocolate brands that promise good taste, slick aesthetics and perfect gifts. From the superfoods to the indulgent, here are the brands to know about in 2017.

Love Cocoa

Being the great-great-great grandchild of probably the most iconic British chocolatier in history – Mr Cadbury himself – no doubt means the founders of Love Cocoa have some big shoes to step into. But step they have. Last year, they set out to create something “absolutely pure” delivered straight to chocolate lovers’ doors. Made only using organic, fairly traded couverture, their artisan chocolate bars offer trendiness married to class and elegance. From their recently released Gin & Tonic chocolate, to their Pact coffee, honeycomb & honey, Earl Grey and sea salt bars, there’s something for everyone.

Mast Brothers

Heroes of not just fine chocolate, but masters of slick design and desirables aesthetics, Mast’s approach to chocolate is stylish, modern and everything you need in your life. In fact, each bar Mast create deserve to be hung at some trendy design festival. For those really really digging the brand, Mast Brothers host tours around their grand factories to boast who they are and why they’re so damn good at it. Based in the heart of Shoreditch, Mast Brothers ooze trend as much as they do good chocolate.


Created in the heart of Bethnal Green, LAND cholcatate screams East End craftsmanship through and through. It’s not so obvious that these guys have only been around for a year following founder Phil Landers left his job at the BBC to travel Central America seeking change. After being inspired in a cacao field in Guatemala, he realises chocolate is for him. After training and crafting with the aforementioned Mast Brothers and taking another trip to Nicaragua to teach himself about cacao harvesting and fermentation, the first bar is born and the rest is history.


Melt know their audience and have recently released their Easter range, including this Dark Chocolate Avocado egg that looks too good to eat. Though not exactly the superfood its based on, it’s simple elegance is too perfect not to swoon over. Under ten pounds each for their iconic square bars and a little more for our favourite (the Pistachio Blonde), Melt offer luxurious gifts without breaking the bank. For those wanting to enjoy good chocolate without piling on the pounds, their pistachio blonde is packed with Vitamin E, monounsaturated fatty aides, potassium and the same antioxidants found in dark leafy vegetables. The brand also offer bespoke packages for weddings and events for those who really dig what they do.

Sweet Virtues

For those new to the superfood hype, Sweet Virtues offer a crash-course in wellness and good taste in their Chocolate Halo Thins, serving up four polarising flavours and blends across rich dark chocolates. Yerba Mate & Lemon, Himalayan Pink Salt, White Tea & Peppermint and Maqui (which is) aims to energise, balance, revive and detox the chocoholic of a health orientated 2017. A personal favourite at HISKIND are their Chia Seed and Lime Truffles, bursting with omegas, magnesium and ginseng and made organise, free from dairy, cane & refined sugar.

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