The Exhibition Celebrating the Unsung Heroes of LGBT+ History

International Law Firm Pinsent Masons have partnered with photographer Robert Taylor to create an exhibition of works that shine light on the unknown heroes of the LGBT+ community. As well as celebrating LGBT+ history month, the portraits mark the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality and celebrates the law firm’s second placing on Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index.

Each portrait in the exhibition is of an LGBT+ person who has in some way helped shape the course of history, either in parliament, law, culture or elsewhere. One of these people is LGBTI Asylum Seeker Support Worker and Trans activist Nina Nasim. Nina met her now husband when she was 19 years old and presenting as male. They married in 2014 shortly after same-sex marriage became legal in the UK. After coming out as transgender to her husband a month before the wedding, he was supportive throughout and they now live together in London.

Nasim’s relationship with her husband -who is originally from Afghanistan- ignited her interest in experiences of being LGBTI as a migrant, as well as the importance of intersectionality and solidarity within the LGBTI community. She now works as an LGBTI Asylum Support Worker at UKLGIG.

Founded in 1993, UKLGIG helps over 1500 LGBT people every year who have survived human rights abuses. It provides vital emotional and legal support to LGBTI people fleeing persecution for their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Speaking about the exhibition, Nasim said: “Being included feels like such a win for me and the people I represent. LGBTQI+ refugees often fall under the radar and bringing their journeys to light allows the LGBTQI+ community to celebrate and recognise diversity within our community. We must make sure the LGB and trans rights we are fighting for are universal for all LGBTQI+ people in the UK, regardless of ethnicity, religion, (dis)ability or immigration status.”

Others LGBT+ heroes to be included in the exhibition are politicians Margot James, Stewart McDonald and Crispin Blunt, as well as artist Sadie Lee and Vicar Giles Goddard.

To learn more about Nina Nasim or UKLGIG, please visit their website.

Photography: Robert Taylor

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