Tag Warner Launches New LGBTQ+ Conversation Series: inside NEW RULES

Hey Tag – tell us a bit about you.

I think I grew up during a pretty strange time in the world. In terms of generational brackets, I’m either one of the last Millennials or the first Generation Z people in the world. This meant I was raised and went into my teenage years on a lot of assumptions. I thought my life would consist, pretty simply, of going to school, getting into the best University I could and then starting a corporate job I would do for the best part of 50 years…and then die! You get the gist.

So I guess that plan didn’t exactly turn out?

To begin with it did – but then I started realising a lot of things not only happening to me, but also happening in the world. I came out pretty early at 15 years old. I then had a string of great and ‘not so’ great relationships and friendships which taught me a lot. I loved my University experience but I suppose it was the kiss of death to what I thought life should’ve been. It opened up my eyes and I experienced so many things during that time, a lot of them made me grow up quickly. More about that another time…

Did you work straight after University then?

From graduation I was in an office in Central London within days; thrown into the deep end of the corporate lifestyle. Long story short, it took me about a year to realise it wasn’t for me…in a big way. I suppose that’s the Gen Z kid inside me – the one who knows and isn’t afraid to ask for something better. A lot of my older friends or my family couldn’t understand why I would walk away from what they thought was such a great opportunity. For me it was pretty clear, it may be a good opportunity, but it wasn’t the right one for me, and I knew I had much, much more to offer.

…and then you left the corporate world?

I did. When I quit my job about 6 months ago, I took the pretty risky decision to live-blog my experience on LinkedIn. Safe to say it did cause some controversy – but the large majority of feedback was really positive. I realised I was talking about my experience honestly…and in that world, a lot of people had never heard that before. Instead of thinking I was the outcast who ‘couldn’t hack it’, I quickly realised I shared a lot with the people around me. It was an awesome experience.

Let’s talk about today then. Why did you decide to start all of this?

For as long as I can remember – I’ve been ‘that’ friend that people call for advice…when their boyfriend or girlfriend cheats on them…when a relative passes away…when they felt anxious about work…The thing I love most is having conversations about the things we rarely do. I guess that puts me in the new world kind of space.

Our world today is so complex. When I grew up, if I could see people like me, or people I admired in the public eye, having conversations about finding their purpose, work, mental health, sex, gender, love, depression, anxiety, friends, parents… I think I would’ve felt more able to talk myself.

So you’ve started NEW RULES as a platform for these conversations?

NEW RULES is all about discussing a world where young people have had to throw out the handbook of life given to us by our seniors.

It’ll feature people you may know, or people you’ve never heard of, having honest conversations about life today. If that sounds all a bit serious – rest assured I can be a pretty light-hearted person, so we’ll keep it fun! I know NEW RULES will evolve and change over time, I’m excited about that! I hope people are able to come on that journey with me.

You can watch the first NEW RULES now, featuring Will Mayrick who recently hit the headlines for being assaulted and forced to apologise for his sexuality.

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