Sauvelle’s Wild Beauty Pops Up in London’s Best Bars

Fusing the prestige of Cognac and Bordeaux with the cutting edge of a premium spirit, Sauvelle is taking London bars by storm this spring. A wide assortment of menu will fluctuate between pop-ups, giving cocktail aficionados the chance to immerse in the wild beauty of Southwestern France in these nature-inspired takeovers.

Having kicked off through a weeklong venture at Mimi’s Hotel in our beloved Soho, Sauvelle Vodka has firmly placed their exotic cocktails on our radar, their eclectic mixes leaving a mark on our taste buds. For those that have missed the taster, the personification of French elegance can be experienced for another unmissable run, this time at 68 and Boston. The exclusive menu will be available from Monday 16th April to Sunday 22nd April in a nod to Earth Day, a further reinstatement of the brand’s devotion to sustainability.

The exotic concoctions will culminate in an edgy spin on martinis for one day only at unmistakable cocktail destination, Milk & Honey, where the French brand will wrap up their London bar-hopping adventure. But only for the time being.

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