RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9: In Conversation with Trinity Taylor

A Florida drag queen through and through, Trinity Taylor oozes sophisticated pageant vibes. Now officially announced to be joining the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 lineup, we caught up with the deep south queen to chat all things drag, pet peeves and what it meant to represent Pulse Nightclub, Orlando, that saw the horrific murder of 49 LGBT+ people last June.

Tell us who Trinity Taylor is?

That’s hard to explain in a short amount of time. I have been working on Trinity for the past 14 years. I’m constantly trying new stuff and trying to stay current. Trinity is an ever changing creative extension of Ryan’s mind. I don’t honestly think I will ever know exactly who Trinity is completely as I hope she continues to evolve!

Where did the name originate from?

My name came very unoriginally. I started drag around the same time the first Matrix movie came out. There was a character that was named Trinity who was badass, gorgeous and dark. At that time that’s the direction I thought I was going to take Trinity.

How did you find yourself getting into drag?

I started drag as a dare and a friend said I could make some money doing it. At first I was hesitant because at 18 I was very ignorant and thought that drag queens were gross and scary but quickly changed my mind when I was getting ready for my first show. The first song I ever performed was One Day in Your Life by Anastasia. It was a Thursday night talent contest. I lost. I’m so competitive I kept going back every Thursday ’til I won.

Obviously you’re from Orlando. How is the gay scene doing there now after Pulse?

You know pulse hit home to a lot of people across the world, not just here in Orlando! It could have easily happened to any of the thousands of gay clubs around the world. The community here after Pulse showed me what the word “community” truly means. It was amazing to see the love and support that Orlando (and the world) gave after such a tragedy. We should continue the memories of those lost with love and positivity!

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I read that you were Miss Pulse Orlando 2011, what did the happenings there mean to you?

I actually was fortunate enough that the people I knew that were at Pulse that night got out safely. It was a terrible reminder for me that there is a lot of evil in this world and a place we as the LGBTQ use as a sanctuary wasn’t as safe as we thought! It was a very blunt and brutal eye opener! Pulse became a semi home to me when I won Miss Pulse 2011. I was booked there many times that year. A lot of fun memories there!

I actually was booked the week before the shooting on Latin night. Had it been a week earlier who knows what my life would be like now! The love that the world has shown to Orlando after the tragedy has proven that no matter how much evil is in the world , there is still even more goodness and love!

What are your drag pet peeves?

You know I use to be a nail and padding Nazi but recently I had an epiphany. Who am I to tell others what is or isn’t drag or what limits or rules people need to follow to be good drag? Drag is a creative outlet for whatever your mind conceives! So the only thing that’s a pet peeve now is when someone is rude or mean to others. No matter your popularity or celebrity, we are not Beyoncé and even still I don’t think Beyoncé would be mean to her fans!

Who are your drag heroes?

My drag mother, Jordan Kennedy is a huge inspiration! Obviously RuPaul has changed the world’s view on drag and that is a hero in my book. It takes a lot of courage to get on a stage and be judged by your peers. Anyone who has the courage to do so is a hero!

Best and worst moments in drag?

Best moments have been achieving several nationally recognised titles. Also being able to travel the world with the amazing Andy Bell from the band Erasure! Very blessed! Worst would be the embarrassing falls or wig coming off (not the Roxxxy wig change kind). Those haven’t happened in years but they sure are embarrassing.

Who would you want to share a stage with most?

I have some amazing friends that also do drag. I would love to have more stage moments with them! Friends are who get you through bad times and who support you through everything! That’s more important to me than meeting any celebrity.

Favourite look you’ve ever done of yourself?

Years ago I did a talent for a pageant as David Bowie from the movie The Labyrinth. It was an awesome character I had so much fun doing. I want to relive it. Maybe I will bring the goblin king back to life! This was my favourite childhood movie. I have thought about getting tattoos of the different characters because I love the movie so much.

Where do you come up with your looks?

I’m inspired by everything: movies, TV shows, fashion, other entertainers! I love to create so sometimes things end up not how I started making them but they become better than the original concept.

What do you think it is about the Florida drag scene that makes it so famous?

Florida is an eclectic blend of many cultures and backgrounds. It’s a melting pot of people from around the world and different walks of life. That always makes things more interesting. There are so many amazing talents here. That also pushes everyone to be better and when everyone is fierce the over all drag experience for people here in Florida is incredible.

Who are you favourite Florida queens?

There are so many to pick from I can’t decide but a few that come to mind are TP Lords from south Florida, Roxxxy Andrews from Orlando, Desiree DeMornay from Tampa just to name a few. Though there are too many to pick from!

What are the most important things for you as a drag queen?

To be as kind as I can be. That’s not always possible to some but to most I try to be friendly. I haven’t always had such a positive outlook on people. But the older I get the more I realise that kindness goes a lot further than being bitchy! Lashes and a good heel don’t hurt either.

Where now for Trinity?

I have accomplished many pageantry titles. Now it’s time I work on branding and I love to travel internationally so those are my focus for this year! I’ve always looked at Trinity as a business. Once she no longer becomes lucrative I will put down the duct tape and move on to something else!

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