RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9: In Conversation with Kimora Blac

Chest plates, attitude and a face-defining contour, Miss Blac’s aesthetic is hard to find fault in. Repping the Nevada scene, this queen sends a message that Vegas drag is more than just impersonation and cabaret. Kind of like the bad-gal barbie/seductive cousin to Trixie Mattel’s brand, Kimora Blac is a combination of Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna. The name sounds oriental yet sexy. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with a Blac? The ultimate party girl, yet still a showgirl through and through, Kimora takes fish and adds sex and ambiguity to it. We chat to the Season 9 RuPaul’s Drag Race gal to chat all things aesthetic.

Tell us who Kimora Blac is?

Kimora Blac is your Kim Kardashian Drag of the era. Her fashion taste sits in between Balmain, Roberto Cavalli and Kayne West’s Yeezy. She’s spoiled, sexy, seductive, provocative, sensual and the most popular girl in the gay world. She takes drag to the next level from looking basic “pretty” to passable without even trying. Kimora always been obsessed with her body and what It can do. When the stage light hits her the audience better hold onto there seats and husbands.

Her obsession is always staying current in fashion trends instead of your typical “drag Clown Looks.” Her signature look is big boobs, big ass and big hair with the perfect sun tan glow. Her makeup always looks amazing because the face comes first. She never looks busted and always makes your photo gain 3874568746 likes.

I’ve been doing drag for at least 10 years from starting at the age of 16 and going clubbing at an early age. My first show was in San francisco to a strip tease song, and ever since then she’s been sexy! I knew from that first performance that drag is something I would pursue and show the world.

Drag pet peeves?

Obviously people want to take pictures with me so have that damn flash on because this girl does not have time for slow cameras. If you’re going to be sexy, be sexy. Not half way.

Drag fans have alluded to you being a drama/bitch queen, how do you feel about this?

I feel like people always think I’m this bitchy queen because she’s super pretty and she only likes to wear expensive things and always looking like a c**t. That is definitely true but I’m actually really sweet. The #1 thing people say when they meet me is “omg I thought you were a c**t but you’re so nice’, which is true. I absolutely love meeting people and having a good time because life is to short to be rude.

How do you feel about people comparing you to other queens?

I don’t think people compare my looks to other queens but a lot of people like to compare my talents to other queens. The thing a lot of people don’t know is a lot of drag queens keep a tight sisterhood with each other and we respect each other in this crazy business. A lot of drags adore me and I adore so many and can’t wait to meet each and every single queen. I’m not the first exotic drag queen so of course people will compare. The worst is when another queen compares herself to me!

Who are your drag heroes?

RuPaul. She’s always stunning, mother Ru and always on point. She’s changed the drag industry and created her own era. Thanks, Mama Ru!

Who would you want to share a stage with most?

Kim Kardashian. We would kill it on the mic. Also I would love if Bianca Del Rio read me for a bit. That would be exciting.

Favourite look you’ve ever done of yourself? Why?

I’ve always been a blonde bombshell. People love when I’m super body vicious and revealing. People hate when Kimora is completely covered up like a clown drag.

Where do you come up with your looks?

I usually have a theme when I decide what to wear. Depending on the venue or appearance, my look always represent hot barbie porn star and ready to mingle. I’m known for wearing all black and neutral colours. I’m obsessed with olive greens, tans and white. Those are definitely my go to colours.

Who are you favorite queens?

Raja, Raven, Bianca del Rio, Coco Montrese, Alyssa Edwards and Violet Chachki

What are the most important things for you as a drag queen?

Always slay and be current. You won’t win if you’re waiting for gigs and fashion to come to you. Work hard, play hard. Keep it cute, fresh and rich. Be ‘boujee’ and have an attitude like a star.

Where now for Kimora?

On the road to richness and ready to see the world!

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