Review: Treves & Hyde

Launching in London’s East End this March, Treves & Hyde is a dynamic restaurant and bar space, by Hyde restaurants, with executive chef George Tannock at the helm. The restaurant is located within Leman Locke, the future-facing concept shaking up the world of lifestyle hotels and serviced apartments.

Lightly decorated with terrariums, geometric light shades and slick, block coloured seating, Treves & Hyde aligns itself to modern Scandinavian thinking in design. Not in a budget ikea-riddled sense, but one of which praises the concept of less is more and focuses on geometry rather than cluttered curiosities.

Treves & Hyde is an ingredient led hub of luxury without the price tag. There’s a sense of class and elegance that marries itself with simple design and celebration of ingredient heritage that balances this location – perfect for summer dining – as a well rounded eatery. The venue is perfect for first dates. Nothing on the menu is too heavy, too messy or too out there. Dishes are led by upmarket presentation and simple, but strongly utilised, ingredientship. Evolving throughout the day from healthy breakfasts through to late night cocktails, Treves & Hyde has been designed to serve as a neighbourhood oasis.

Particular menu highlights came from the sides and starters. The newly added asparagus with egg yolk and chanterelles perfectly blended flavours, playing with the sweetness of garlic flowers and the crunch of the new season asparagus. Similarly, utilising mushroom and greens in the tenderstem broccoli, dashi vinegar & katsuoboshi side offered something fresh and exciting (and something that isn’t just chips). Their sweet potato with tahini yogurt and pomegranate provided chill and sweetness, paired perfectly with the rich flavours of the beef brisket main.

The BBQ sauce with the beef brisket is what you know, but simultaneously completely new. Using espresso as an added ingredient, the sauce adds a maturer, more bitter taste to complement the powerful beef flavours. The petit chunks of marinda tomato dotted around the dish surprisingly transform it. The Sicilian grown fruits are farmed in soils with the perfect salt consistency. The salts add to the flavour of the tomato to the point where said tomatoes do not require any seasoning, reiterating the restaurant’s ethos of simple but well through out ingredients. It’s what makes head chef George Tannock’s restaurant such a stand out place. Ingredients are played with but nothing is too over the top. Differences and additions are subtle and only done to ensure a better taste and experience, not for the sake of being different.

Tannock’s repertory is impressive, emerging from the highest levels in the kitchen of The Dorchester, The Fat Duck, The Capital and The Greenhouse.

Dessert was championed by their valrhona chocolate, tarocco orange & pistachio dish. Adding the tarocco blood orange to the dish to counteract the thick decadence of the 70% chocolate was a smart move that ensured diners didn’t leave the venue feeling stodgy and bloated.

Our mixologist – a fiercely talented Lithuanian cocktail artist – personally introduced herself to us, spoke to us about spirits and liqueurs to create a cocktail in her head she deemed perfect for us. Not on the menu, she crafted a Peach antidote to the daily grind, curated exactly from what we love with a few additional recommended ingredients. It’s a tailored and highly interpersonal experience worthy of a return.

For wine lovers wanting to experience a more diverse wine, Treves & Hyde stock Mount Franklin Sauvignon Blanc. Edging away fro the crisper and drier wines, Mount Franklin is exciting and punchy in taste, offering citrus and zing to the palate. The New Zealand wine comes in at 33 a bottle and will certainly have you trawling through Majestic Wines in your Uber home searching for it.

Not feeling boozy? Though yet to try, we’ve been promised their coffee is unlike any other in the UK. Treves & Hyde’s custom-built Mavam coffee machine is the first of it’s kind in the UK, put to work by one of the country’s most talked-about coffee professionals, James Wise. The Mavam is accompanied by a Curtis G4 brewing system, a Mythos One espresso grinder and a Mahlkonig EK43 grinder.

Where: Treves & Hyde, 15-17 Leman Street, London E1 8EN

What we ordered:
Poponcini Peppers, Brandade & Saffron Aïoli
Seared Tuna, Edamame, Carrot & Nori Seaweed Crisp
Asparagus, Egg Yolk & Chanterelles
Beef Brisket, Bacon Pudding & Marinda Tomato
Sweet Potatoes, Tahini Yoghurt & Pomegranate
Tenderstem Broccoli, Dashi Vinegar & Katsuoboshi
Valrhona Chocolate, Tarocco Orange & Pistachio

What we recommend:
Asparagus, Egg Yolk & Chanterelles
Poponcini Peppers, Brandade & Saffron Aïoli
Sweet Potatoes, Tahini Yoghurt & Pomegranate
Tenderstem Broccoli, Dashi Vinegar & Katsuoboshi

Average cost for two: £150 with wine and cocktails

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