Review: Ted Baker’s Grooming Room

Welcome to Ted Baker’s Grooming Room, the quintessential visit for London’s most stylish snips, clips and shaves.

Instantaneously recognisable as a venue of grooming brilliance, Ted Baker’s Grooming Room is, quite obviously, a sister brand to British designer Ted Baker. Steering away from their recognisable colourful garments, quirky accessories and famous shoes, Ted Baker have clasped onto London’s need for branded grooming with a series of salons and barbers located around tourist trap areas of London. This is Britishness in the most beautiful Turkish way possible.


The highly spoken about Ottoman lounge at the Holborn branch is a feast for the senses for any grooming fan. Marrying traditional impeccable British gentlemen’s style with timeless Turkish qualities. Taking the stairs down from the walk in barber shop, where the smell of Ted Baker’s grooming products complements the sounds of scissors and indie Christmas covers, the Ottoman lounge plays host to three leather seats, all in parallel and facing their mirrors with an elegance only Ted Baker could achieve. It was already clear that this was the place of grooming brilliance.


Though opting for the book-in Ottoman lounge’s most priciest service, Ted Baker’s Grooming Room offer treatments at £12.50, with a full basic cut (Cut A Long Story Short) for £28.50. Armed with a cocktail, my barber leads me to one of three lavish leather chairs. My barber starts off with a hot towel treatment, opening up my pores and using Ted Baker’s signature products to aid the process. A standard haircut is followed, with my barber’s fingers dancing with scissors and clippers. TBGR is a venue prizing itself on its staff’s knowledge and skills with scissors. Ted Baker’s Grooming Room manipulates standard forms of haircutting into a memorable experience that leaves you feeling fresher than the cocktails served inside. The mastery, however, is truly highlighted when said barber is equipped with a cut throat blade: “Don’t fight with me”, he adds.

“I’m the one with the blade”.

Thank god he was, as the glistening sharpness glided across my face slick after slick in the slickest way possible. After 15 minutes or so of scraping and carving at my facial hair, a series of stronger products are applied to my face and another hot towel.


The experience is near on silent, accompanied by indie covers on whatever radio station the lounge on. The staff aren’t too talkative, but that lets them get on with what they know. Don’t expect too much small talk about your last holiday or your kitchen renovation. Just sit back and trust what they’re doing.

Verdict: Worth every penny is a stylish urban hub boasting the best of British and Turkish grooming.

You can find Ted’s Grooming Room across 9 London locations, tucked away in East London’s hipster scenes and central London’s boastfully wealthy sidewalks.

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Words – Dean Eastmond

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