Review: Ma’Plucker

“Would you like a sweet or salty rim,” our queen of a waiter asks me and my boyfriend.

It takes a few seconds to realise he’s talking about our frozen margaritas as a look of aghast is cast across my face.

Never has chicken been so camp.

Welcome to Ma’Plucker, a brand new chicken restaurant on the extremely suitably named Beak Street, Soho. The system is simple enough to make everyone gets what they want, but unique enough to make sure nothing is boring. Begin by choosing between a brioche bun, maple waffle or salad base. Then, top it with buttermilk chicken, hickory spiced pulled chicken, halloumi or rotisserie chicken, while choosing from an array of sauces, from gravy to maple syrup.


We knew the new find would be worth it as the guy on the next table exclaimed how it was his second time there in that day. I opted for the buttermilk breast on a maple waffle with maple chilli glaze, topped off with fries, while my other half went for BBQ pulled chicken in a rather shiny bun.

I fear the waiters thought we were having a rubbish date following the silence that ensued as we delved into our meals. I’m not too keen on fried chicken, but Ma’Plucker was a cultural experience. If you’re a fan of good taste without blowing the bank, here is the place for you.


For dessert, we decided to sample their cherry pie and cornflake sundae. As a persistent hater of pies, I was curiously surprised at theirs. If you don’t mind about having to walk off those extra calories, well the pie is perfect. However, star of the show went to the cornflake and caramel sundae. It’s the breakfast you always wished for as a child, with cornflake ice cream and enough caramel to induce a food baby.

The staff at this place genuinely care. Our waiter came to sit with us to explain the process and what he recommends goes well together. It felt as if we had known him for months and that we popped in to say hey.

Next time you want a better version of KFC or Nandos, Ma’Plucker needs to be your go-to call.

75 Beak Street, London, W1F 9SS

Words – Dean Eastmond