Review: CitizenM Hotel, London

Tucked away just off the south side of London Bridge, the centre of Borough plays home to CitizenM, the treasure chest of a hotel you’ve been waiting discover.

One of six across the world, with sister hotels in the likes of Amsterdam and New York, CitizenM strikes itself as the future of the hotel experience. Upon arrival, check in takes under a minute on a touch screen in a setting bursting with shelving packed with miscellaneous curiosities, a sea of lampshades and modern (almost Scandinavian in nature) furnishings and interiors. Drowning the cliche, CitizenM is instantaneously fresh and full of that excitement a fair few hotels seem to sadly lack. The citizenM lobby has actually been cunningly disguised as contemporary living rooms, furnished with the latest collections of iconic Vitra furniture.


Upon entering a CitizenM room, the eyes are saturated with a plethora of different things to see and do. You then spend the next half an hour (or nearly an hour in our case) playing with every feature the room has in a sea of “oh my gods” and gasps of excitement. Remember when you were a kid and watched super high tech hotel rooms in Asia on TV? Well this is pretty much that. Controlled mostly from the touch of your very finger, the rooms all come with an iPad to host the hotel experience. The iPad does pretty much everything you need in the coolest way possible. Control of the lighting is one thing, but the mood light is a whole other. Curved and made entirely from frosted glass, the bathroom serves as a pod within the pod, acting as the HQ for colour, boasting any colour you wish it to boast out (we advise not to let the person sharing the room with you play around with the mood lighting when you’re in the shower however, unless you’re into really soggy discos). There’s a unique charm to the place, with each room resembling a pod-like occupancy space, with a massive bed built against the large windows,a TV overlooking said bed, a desk, bedside table with iPad dock and the bathroom detached from the sink and universal “getting ready for the day ahead” area.


The iPad controls the blinds and curtains and has preset “moods” for different occasions. “Business” for example creates a room of executive lighting and brightness, perfect for those oversea Skype meetings, while “romance” dims the lights, adds a little red from the bathroom and starts playing stock-music. Disclaimer, you will find yourself playing with these presets for quite a while. Though most of the artificial lighting is controlled effortlessly and to the exact level that is perfect to you, the window-to-window colossal window welcomes in enough natural light to save yourself some energy (no matter how fun it is watching the room go from green to purple). The iPad allows hundreds of films to be played onto the said overlook TV, with a built in Apple TV if nothing of theirs takes your fancy.


A favourable feature is the alarm feature, set on the iPad to wake you via lighting and sound in a variety of desired ways. Having stayed on the Friday night before Record Store Day 2016, we were well aware we needed to be up early to grab the best records, a gradual alarm (consisting of bird sounds) woke us as the lights dimmed on. It’s a refreshing wake up that doesn’t leave you in that early-morning groggy darkness before stumbling out of bed to commence the daily grind. Another added perk is the modestly filled minibar, filled with posh juices and iced teas, all free to drink.

CitizenM is multi-faceted and offers brilliant, stylish, trendy office space and a stunning bar/cafe for the public on the bottom floor. SocietyM is made for those who aren’t bound by offices or office conventions, for nomads who like to do business wherever the connectivity’s good and the coffee’s fresh. SocietyM has 7 spacious meeting facilities fully equipped with audio-visual equipment, and wipe clean walls for notes, theories, scribbles and brainwaves.