Review: Ace Hotel, Shoreditch

Infinitely trendy rooms and suites offering endless Shoreditch vibes

After checking in, heading out to scrape up any Record Store Day leftovers in and Around Hackney and dining on as much street food as possible, we come back to a note in our room welcoming us to Ace Hotel, hoping we like their take on “sassy East London” with two ration tickets for free coffee. Amazing. Welcome to the Ace.


Having opened back in 2013 in the body that used to be the Shoreditch Empire music hall, this is one of 10 Ace Hotels and the only in the UK, situated in the heart of Shoreditch. We stayed in the Deluxe Double, the second tier of seven, each with increasing luxury and size. The hotel (that hosts famous gay club night that you probably don’t tell your mother you attended – Hard Cock Life) is not only connected to That Flower Shop (the incredibly aesthetically pleasing flower shops teeming in perfectly formulated bouquets that will have you scrambling your merry way to Colombia Road Flower Market), but offers custom built Tokyobikes available for exploration on the front desk. The check in lobby itself is probably one of the trendiest across the city, ridden with Kate Bush vinyls, hipsters stuffing their face with beautifully formulated organic and vegan foods and sipping on macchiatos. It’s immediately clear that this is a hub of edgy Instagrammed coffee haven. Ace have definitely found their niche, and it’s one of the coolest niches around.


A bottle of tequila, whiskey and red wine lines a matte metal black shelf running the length of the hotel room, above the room’s branded guitar, tote bag, TV on wall heavy-duty pencil sharpener, clipboard and cork board. A single light descends itself from the ceiling and levels itself abut a metre from a table occupied with indy-press magazines and journals, in a clean brand aesthetic that lives and breathers everything a modern urban hotel should be.


Industrial East London chic, with close-to-the-floor quilted beds, lots of dusty blues and greys amongst monochromatic decorations, metal storage units saturated with grey storage boxes and a mural to a sense of the vintage East London the Ace hotel used to be located amongst, the room looks down onto Shoreditch High Street, nearby the likes of Boxpark, record stores, a plethora of good eateries and coffee shops, including the hotel’s Bulldog Edition, offering high quality artisanal coffee and food as proved from Square Mile Coffee Roasters. Connected to the building is Sisteray Record Store, a personal favourite offering the best of new and vintage music on record. It’s the kind of record store you find yourself queuing for before RSD16 (guilty), picking up a section of free mags (also guilty) and and spending way too much on records to play in your in-room turntable (guilty, again).


The room’s bed was excellent. Consistent with the room (and the whole of East London’s) aesthetic, the double provided divine comfort without looking overtly plush. Modest quilting in a series of denim blues and pillows so comfy, they made you hate the noon check out time. The hotel offer 24/7 room service, with one perk offers guests to select what they want for breakfast (everything from Eggs Benedicts to Full English’s) and when on a card in the room. Said card is then stuck to the outside of the door with magnets for someone to collect. If there’s one thing the hotel does do right, however, it’s the perfection of the furnishings.


What’s around?

Brick Lane, Spitalfields Market, Colombia Road Flower Market, endless record stores and good restaurants, Liverpool Street Station and Shoreditch High Street Overground Station, the Heron Tower and the George & Dragon’s successor; The Queen Adelaide.