Raise A Toast To Your Heroines This Women’s History Month

At HISKIND, we firmly believe that every day should be celebrated as women’s day – and that belief seems to be shared by our new favourite City bar. Framing its new range of cocktails dedicated to powerful women throughout the ages, Threadneedle bar extends its International Women’s Day celebrations into a month-long spotlight on female trailblazers.

The bartenders filtered recent movements for gender equality, transforming them into true cocktail art, in a selection that deservingly assorts the legacy of these iconic women with some of the finest blends. From #MeToo and #TimesUp, to the jovial essence of Marilyn Monroe’s charm, this month-long venture is a symbolic effort to celebrate famous women throughout history, be they queens, style icons, or women’s rights pioneers.

From a delicate, yet firm mix of gin and lemon in honour of the Queen of the Nile’s mythical ambitions, fittingly title The Pearl of Cleopatra, to a strong and sharp dedication to Time’s Up and legendary suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst, cocktail aficionados can progressively drink their way from timeless staples, à la Coco Chanel, to more exotic concoctions. And, as dessert, invoke Marie Antoinette’s sweet tooth with our personal favourite: Let Them Eat Cake.

Join them at Threadneedle Bar, and raise a glass to some of your heroines throughout the month of March.

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