We Got 5 Artists to Reimagine the HISKIND Logo

Throughout history, creativity has been the backbone of the LGBT+ community. At HISKIND, we believe the celebration artistic expression remains pivotal to progress.

In anticipation for the launch of the first issue of HISKIND, we reached out to some of favourite artists from around the globe and asked them to reinterpret the HISKIND logo in their own unique styles.

Adam Chuck

Adam Chuck is an internationally exhibited artist based New York City. Through a combination of traditional materials and unconventional surfaces, Chuck transforms our most intimate moments into miniature depictions of beauty. Often solum (but always charming), Chuck’s work explores the tactility of the male form whilst simultaneously toying with conventions of modern sexuality. By working directly onto a reflective surface, Chuck’s paintings become interactive through movement, refracting light and adding an new depth of discovery for the viewers eye. While small in size, Adam’s works can evoke the deepest feelings of self reflection. They tell the stories of our day to day existence in the most beautiful way, allowing us to bond with a reality that can both challenge and excite.

www.adammarkanovic.com / @adam__chuck

Samuel J. Kelly

Samuel Kelly is a multimedia artist currently studying Fine Art at London’s renowned Central Saint Martins. At only 21, Kelly’s acute perception of the world we inhabit is channelled beautifully through a spectrum of different creative mediums, including video, print and performance. Above all else, Kelly’s work is honest, engaging and sensitive. Often rooted in craft, his creative practice always results in thought-provoking imagery that demands the viewer to consider the current cultural landscapes they occupy. Kelly is currently training at the famous La Cambre in Belgium.

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Zouassi is an hugely successful digital artist who creates stunning visual structures in immaterial space. Using colour as a catalyst, Zouassi forms otherworldly landscapes that force the human eye to explore. Distorted, fragmented forms command the viewer to feel and react. This retort is what makes Zouassi’s work so powerful. It’s almost impossible to see one of his pieces and not fantasies about the hypnotic, collapsed reality in which it exists.

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Ego Rodriguez

Ego Rodriguez tells stories. He is an artist that understands the complexities of the male fantasy, and deploys that understanding beautifully through colour, form and narrative. Rodriguez’s illustrations are a charming combination of male sexuality, contemporary masculinity and enticing homoeroticism. Not only is it easy to marvel at the hyperreal characters Rodriguez creates, but it’s just as simple to get lost in his bouncy use of colour.

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Patrick Church

Navigating the minefield that is modern sexuality can be demanding. More often than not, it’s easy to encounter obstacles that test the way we see or feel about ourselves. Our bodies become debatable. Our wants and needs become taboo. To British painter Patrick Church, these experiences are the tools of libration. Provocative, enticing and always honest, Church’s illustrations challenge the way we consider sex and relationships by broadcasting often private contemplation to an audience through colour, texture and the wearable. The result? Church’s work evokes a refreshing sense of freedom.

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