Q1 Round Up: Highlights of 2017 So Far

We’ve somehow all managed to survive the first quarter of 2017 (woo!), although if it wasn’t for Q1’s music being so bloody great then we’re not so sure some of us would’ve made the journey. Here are some of our best picks from January to March that we feel sum up the essence of Q1.

Mabel: Finders Keepers (feat. Kojo Funds)

Mabel’s latest effort since the release of Thinking of You last June proves that she’s still got it. Regardless of the excruciating wait between singles that appear once in a blue moon, we already know it’s going to be extraordinary. No changes here.

Sigrid: Don’t Kill My Vibe

Despite having released only one track thus far, Sigrid has already made waves with Don’t Kill My Vibe, an angsty anthem that must be belted at the top of one’s lungs. We already predict that the Norwegian lady herself will be following the same path of the likes of Tove Lo; writing hits for the greats in the nearby future. Why do we think that? Because one-liners can’t get much better than “You think you’re so important to me don’t you…” Angst for days.

Charli XCX: ILY2

It’s inevitable that a pop banger from Miss XCX would crop up somewhere in this list; we’re just three months in and she’s already given us ten. If we could we would’ve included the entire Number 1 Angel mixtape because, duh. Albeit ILY2 manages to take the cake for that incredible guitar solo.

LÉON: Sleep Deprived

This track makes you feel anything but sleep deprived. Leave it to LÉON to create smart addictive pop hooks, clearly, she knows what she’s doing.

Billie Eilish: Bellyache

Truthfully, we’re still not sure that Billie Eilish is being entirely honest about her age, but we’ll take her word for it. The fifteen-year-old is proving to be more of a threat than we previously thought; electro-trap perfection Bellyache being the main source of evidence.

Ralph: Tease

As we approach the Spring, we need nothing more than a smooth flowing delight we can get by and vibe to. Ralph crafts music for sunset viewing out of your window, Tease being the epitome of the warming feeling you get by doing just that.

Alayna: Falling Autumn

New Zealand are at it again. Alayna appeared pretty much out of nowhere in the beginning of March with a debut produced fully by Astronomyy, indicating that it’s already going to be brilliant. Whilst it’s been only a month we’re already itching for new material, and with a promising future ahead we’re almost positive that Alayna is going to be one of those artists that refuses to put out a bad track. Praise the lord.

Astronomyy: Rest in Paradise

Speaking of the man himself, an Astronomyy track is essential when creating ‘best of’ lists, and it’d be almost criminal not to include his latest effort Rest in Paradise. Astronomyy describes his music as being the genre of ‘guitar&B’, though there’s no doubt it’ll leave you visualizing yourself lounging by a palm tree along the edge of the beach.

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