Put Your Money Where Your Values Are: Ethical Wealth Management Launches

Markets, particularly foreign ones, provide many opportunities for LGBT+ investors. However, they may be putting their money into schemes that fund anti-LGBT+ policies. Wealth management company Equality Capital has launched to ensure that your money matches your morals.

Imagine investing your money into some portfolio or pension scheme, and then discovering that your well-earned money was being used to fund regimes that actively discriminated against people like you. Unfortunately, this is the situation for many LGBT+ investors, who unwittingly distribute their wealth into market opportunities that exist within countries and societies with anti-LGBT+ policies and laws. That’s why wealth management company Equality Capital has launched.

Equality Capital works to make the final destination, usage and ethicality of its clients’ investments perfectly transparent and aligned with their values of equal rights and social justice. Its focus is to make investments that drive high financial returns while adhering to an ethical conscience and commitment to LGBT+ social issues.

“We aim to create a like-minded community of investors who care about LGBT positive rights and equality,” says Charlie Nicholls, Managing Partner at Equality Capital. “Our social commitment doesn’t hinder our ability to earn attractive returns for our clients. In fact, it improves them as there are many opportunities in LGBT-friendly markets.”

The British firm screens and scores markets on how ethical they are, based on six key criteria: marriage equality, civil partnerships, discrimination laws in employment, adoption rights, military service rights, and legal punishments for being LGBT+. That way, when you’re investing your money, you know its going into schemes and projects that promote social equality and justice, rather than those that discriminate against people like you.

For more information, visit Equality Capital here.

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