In pursuit of the perfect martini: Welcome to The Landmark London

“A jewel box of a bar”

Quite literally adjacent to London Marylebone – London’s most aesthetically pleasing train station – sees The Landmark London stand proud over Marylebone Lane; a short stone’s throw from the quintessentially British Baker Street. Red bricked, colossal in size and standing in grandeur, The Landmark London lives up to its name, as one of the luxurious wonders of the city.

Walking into The Landmark London is like stepping into another world. Taxi lined streets are silenced to grand marble staircases, smiling concierges and potted plants that are probably worth more significantly more than imagined. The spectacle of the venue isn’t properly experienced until about 30m in, when a small staircase opens up into four whitened walls (in which I can only assume are the hotel suites) looking onto a Mediterranean looking plaza with a stunning glass roof. Imagine a greenhouse with quite a few diamonds added and you can assume what the hotel looks like.


Chances are, it’s the header image to this piece which brought you here: wondering if what the mixologist photographed (who happened to be ours) is possible. Indeed, this is such a perfect representation of the skill and uniqueness to the service. Explaining that the flight is more often used for events (in which it seems like The Landmark hosts quite a fair few), the six 50ml cocktails are poured in canon, filling their retrospective glasses in a magical sophistication. Each glass fills itself with a different flavour, made from Grey Goose and a plethora of elite flavours and qualities, starting at more subtle martini shades, into bright blue and green. Each one of the masterfully formulated cocktails boasted the very best. Peach, apple, passionfruit, a French martini and two strikingly colourful pieces, each represented everything needed from a Martini and a little bit of dazzle to the experience.

There’s a pleasant intimacy of the bar. Antique mirrors give a light an airy feel while retaining the imperatively five-star feel, perfect for a pre-dinner change of scenery or a post-feast hideaway for luxury whiskeys and cocktails. Upon entering the sensibly named Mirror Bar, a corridor of reflective glass greets visitors in an Alice-in-Wonderland-esque walkway with mirrors of all shapes and sizes. Entering the bar sees plush chairs and sofas clustered in small groups for future groups to lounge in. Our mixologist explains that the bar sees a lot of commuters popping in for a G&T before the last train home rather than waiting in Marylebone’s cold waiting area. The consistency of brick colour, aesthetic and architectural influence sees the station and hotel partnered in old-London sophistication. It all matches and is so beautiful.

Opening hours
Monday to Saturday from 4.00pm to 2.00am (last orders for non-residents 1.00am)
Sunday from 12.00pm to 2.00am (last orders for non-residents 11.30pm)

222 Marylebone Road
London NW1 6JQ
United Kingdom

Tel : +44 20 7631 8000

Words – Dean Eastmond

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