Prince on Spotify: Our Favourite Deep Cuts

This is a day we never thought we’d see. Let’s all collectively rejoice as Prince’s back catalogue has been made available to all major streaming platforms. Originally limited to Jay-Z’s controversial streaming platform Tidal, Warner Brothers has sued the company for breach of contract with the original plan being for Tidal to premiere the Purple One’s newest albums, Hit N Run Phases 1 & 2, before his death, instead taking this as an opportunity to upload them along with the rest of his back catalogue. Warner Bros. seem pretty thrilled, having released the following statement:

“Warner Bros. is thrilled to be able to bring Prince’s music to his millions of fans around the world via streaming services, fittingly on music’s biggest night.”

In celebration of Prince’s immaculate back catalogue of albums being released to all major streaming platforms, we’ve decided to compile our favourite deep cuts from the man himself.

Adore (1987)

From the album Sign O’ The Times, Prince delivers a sensual intense performance, making it one of the greatest love songs ever made. It’s hard not to swoon when hearing this.

It’s Gonna Be Lonely (1979)

The heart-touching track from Prince’s self-titled album, which beautifully tackles the subject of being lonely without that special someone. His falsetto on this is one of the best vocal performances of his career, it’ll make you miss someone immediately, even when you thought you weren’t missing anyone.

Jack U Off (1981)

We’ve all been in that situation where you’re with someone and you’re just wanting to get down and dirty, here in Prince’s Jack U Off, we see him deliver the pure sex in the form of playful funk-pop. If you have the time to be sure to check out Robyn’s equally as good cover.

Strange Relationship (1987)

Prince really did master the art of juxtaposition in his music, the fun funk-rock production making any human ever want to dance alongside the lyrical narrative of a toxic relationship. Lyrics like “I just can’t stand to see you happy, more than that, I hate to see you sad” make this the perfect bittersweet banger.


Self-proclaimed by himself as the saddest song ever been wrote, BREAKDOWN sees Prince deliver an immense rock ballad with electro undertones. With references to 1999 and those golden moments where Prince strains his voice in the most beautiful way, there’s not much more you could want from this.

The Beautiful Ones (1984)

There really aren’t enough words in the english language to be able to describe how intense and perfect this cut from Purple Rain is. It’s pure love, it’s sultry and it’s honest. The way he screams “Do you want him or do you want me? cause I want you” will leave you with endless goosebumps.

Why Should I Love You (Kate Bush with Prince) (1993)

Even though this song has been on Spotify now for a long time, it seems fitting to draw attention back to this Prince assisted song from the other legend that is Kate Bush. A clear standout and shining moment from her sometimes-overlooked 1993 record The Red Shoes.