Premiere: NUUXS’ Out The Blue Boasts Serene Ambient Pop Vibes

As if this week hasn’t graced us with enough new music already, with Lana, Gaga and Paramore being on the forefront of everyone’s minds, Hackney heralding NUUXS (pronounced ‘Nooks’ for anybody struggling) is set to release her new single Out The Blue tomorrow. As a little treat, the formidable fresh-faced songstress has given HISKIND an exclusive spin of the track ahead of its official release.

Out The Blue balances weight and ambience perfectly, coming across as effortlessly light with a contrasting heavy undertone. This is the pre-Summer, cider-in-the-park track you didn’t realise you needed until now. NUUXS is ready to take on the world one release at a time, trust us.

The track was produced and co-written by Jake Gosling, whose production credits include the likes of Ed Sheeran, The Libertines and James Bay. Working with Jake on top of previous support from BBC Introducing and Spotify, NUUXS has the right people behind her to propel her into something we’re really excited to see.

To tie in with the release of the track, we have a little chat with the gal herself on what to expect from her in the coming year:

Tell us who NUUXS is?

My real name Anouck was shortened by friends to Nuuxs. I’m a singer songwriter born in France, I hopped over to Hackney when I was about 6 months old and being half Lao I grew up on som tum, sticky rice and a lot of karaoke, hence it could have gone either way for me, cooking or singing, I chose the latter.

Obviously Jake has some big names behind his belt, what was it like working with him for this track?

Jake is super creative and I don’t think he cares about how many followers I or other artists have. He’s really honest about what he thinks works on a track but listens too so in the end you get a really honest song.

Describe to us your creative process.

I usually like to discuss what’s been going on around me first, if I can’t relate to it then I won’t sing it. I normally have an idea of where I want to go with the energy I’m getting from a song, for instance Glory on The Cry EP I released last year was about losing someone, so I wanted it to sound sombre and achy so a simple piano really worked, whereas Out The Blue is more of an uptempo one. We were coming into spring and I wanted to shed some skin.

How easy has it been harnessing a sound that suits you as a new artist?

I didn’t actually realise how quirky my music was until my friends pointed it out to me. I was like, oh cool! My first single Holy Man was about cult life and I really based the sounds on the 60’s and 70’s, dreamy. I then released Snowflakes last year around Christmas where I’m surrounded by professional dancers fighting over a present. A far cry from my two step. I love film so I’m very visual from the very start, I guess that keeps me being Nuuxs.

Where would you like to be in a year from now?

Well, I’ve got a lot under wraps at the moment but let’s just say there’s a lot of writing involved. What I can say is that I have an EP coming this summer though which I’m very excited to share. Oh and maybe a bit of time for the beach, I’d like to be on a beach too.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Joni Mitchell was on this morning but I’m loving Cherry Drop by Anteros right now.

Photography: Elliot Morgan

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