Playlist: San Junipero and Beyond

You either have no clue what Black Mirror is or you’re a rabid fan of it. If you’re the first, I suggest you check out Season 3 Episode 4 and report back here immediately afterwards. If you’re the latter, congratulations on having impeccable taste.

What makes the San Junipero episode so brilliant is not only its intense 80s aesthetic that blows Stranger Things out of the water or the overtly brilliant story line, but Owen Harris and Charlie Brooker’s ability to create a queer story line with POC and bisexual representation and not make it solely about the pain and suffering of identity. We see ourselves in the awkward, self-conscious Yorkie and everything about our first crush in a self-assured, confident Kelly. This is a beautiful, tender and timeless (see what I did there) love story that roots itself deep inside your heart.

In a year as awful as 2016, San Junipero is probably one of the only good things to happen. To commemorate the artistic beauty to this episode, we’ve selected a handful of tracks – both old and not so old – that remind us of our Yorkie and Kelly.

Belinda Carlisle: Heaven Is a Place on Earth

You knew this one was coming so why halt making it anything less than the bitter-sweet beginner to your playlist? A banger of an 80s track, Miss Carlisle’s Heaven Is a Place on Earth is not referring to London’s super-gay-club, but an articular queer bond we see on our screens. Gently ironic, the song aids a brilliant ending to probably the best Black Mirror episode created.

Alanis Morissette: Ironic

Talking about irony, we were thrilled to hear Alanis Morissette’s Ironic feature in the episode. Music doesn’t get better than this ladies and gentlemen (we refuse to hear any differently).

Shura: Nothing’s Real

The standout from a stellar 2016 record, Shura’s Nothing Real captured 80s charm like no other record from the year. Add in Shura’s stance as one of music’s finest LGBT artists and it would seem criminal to leave her off this list.

The Smiths: Girlfriend In a Coma

An iconic anthem within its own right, Girlfriend In A Coma continues to soundtrack generations of teens as well as it did upon its 1987 release.

Allie X: That’s So Us

With sassy end of chorus lyrics “you make me not wanna die”, it seems like a little too perfect. Pristine pop at its finest.

Troye Sivan: Youth

Simultaneously a pioneer within the LGBT music scene and master of crafting heartstring-tugging pop, Sivan’s Youth shines as an ode to young love and LGBT representation in music.

Cape Lion: Mainland

Thunderous under-chords reminiscent (but not offputtingly similar) to something Bon Jovi would spurt out.

Ronika: Marathon

The noughties queen of retro-pop, Ronika creates 80s nostalgia like no other. It almost seems a complete shame that Marathon isn’t part of the San Junipero soundtrack at all.

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