Playlist: Insanely Catchy Songs Written or Produced by Jack Antonoff

The world of pop music is an ever-expanding platform of imagination, where unique ideas are never in short supply. One person that manages to master this with each song he writes or produces is the one and only Jack Antonoff. In his solo work with Bleachers and as the guitarist of fun., Antonoff is one of the few musicians that stays ahead of the times by tapping into the nostalgic fun of the 80s. Although you might not know it, he’s been the brains behind many of your favourite songs, so it only seems fair to shed light on his talents. This collection of songs displays why Antonoff is one of the most sought-after pop writers in the business right now.

How to Dress Well – Lost Youth/Lost You

How to Dress Well’s most recent release, Care, has already shown that Tom Krell can consistently deliver a great body of work. However, on the Antonoff-produced single, Lost Youth / Lost You demonstrates how Antonoff can challenge the artist and create music that highlights their vocals.

Troye Sivan – Heaven

It would seem crazy not to include this Antonoff offering in the playlist, as it’s one of his best and arguably his most important works yet. Troye Sivan’s Heaven narrates the struggles of growing up and coming to terms with your sexuality. The production on this track is both intense and atmospheric, and it serves the purpose of making a strong statement while carrying Sivan’s vocals.

Taylor Swift – Out of the Woods

Looking over Taylor’s career as a whole, this song can definitely be considered the hit that got away. Although 1989 is packed full of impeccable pop standouts, it’s this Antonoff-produced masterpiece that stands out from the rest. He gave Taylor a push into a new sound with this striking dark-synth pop bop. It makes you want to move the furniture so you can dance.

St. Lucia – Help Me Run Away

Everything about this song is perfect from start to finish, purely because it embodies the energy and excitement that 80s synth-pop had back in it’s prime. Antonoff has created an explosion of synthy goodness, a melody that won’t leave your head for a long time and has kept true to that nostalgic sound while still sounding contemporary.

Tegan and Sara – How Come You Don’t Want Me

Tegan and Sara and Antonoff are very close friends as well as frequent collaborators. Their chemistry really does show through the quality of their music, especially on How Come You Don’t Want Me, from the duo’s album Heartthrob. With the therapeutic feeling of shouting along to the hook and the inability to not dance along to this sleek synth production, it’s glistening and emotive at the same time.

Fifth Harmony – Dope

This Fifth Harmony album cut is a stand out example of Antonoff’s production skills. This is one hell of a finger-snapping song, packed full of catchy hooks and a unique melody with enough energy to make even the moodiest of people smile. The cute and heartfelt lyrics are cleverly juxtaposed a hard hitting, drum fuelled chorus.

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