Pink Kink Curate Us a Playlist of Protest Songs

Pink Kink are a thing of sheer, undeniably wonder. Self-describing themselves as “psycho-tropical-bubble-what?”, the trans-European collective met and merged in Liverpool whilst studying at performing arts university LIPA before making that mighty decision to form a band.

Fresh off a lengthy touring stint with Pussy Riot, Pink Kink work their way to the Capital to take over Shoreditch’s iconic Old Blue Last in showcase of their debut, anti-catcalling/street harassment track Bubblebutt (which we’ll guarantee to be the loudest/greatest thing you’ll have heard this week.) In line with this evening’s show, the five-piece have curated an almighty playlist of their favourite protest tracks as a mere glimpse of what their set of gloriously-colourful party punk will offer.

In their own words:

“This is some of the music that has influenced the way we make music as a band but also the way we think about the world. Music is a strong weapon that can be used to destroy the fucked up oppressing patterns society has, to have a laugh, to make people think, to have a voice. The youth is, was and must be angry!! First two songs are (quite obvious) band choices and the rest are very personal selections. “e hope they make you feel empowered and give you strength to keep fighting for a free world.”

Pink Kink play East London’s Old Blue Last tonight (9/2/18) for Saxon Zine with remaining tickets available over on DICE. Take a listen to their (super good) Protest Playlist below:

Pussy Riot: Virgin Mary Put Putin Away

“We toured with them and they played this song and video every night, it’s so powerful. Respect”

Ravioli Me Away: Cat Call

“This song is basically a better version of what we try to say in Bubblebutt haha. Sick band too!”

Vulpres: Me Gusta Ser Una Zorra

“I grew up listening to Basque punk so there you go…! Vulpres was probably the first and only all-female punk band in the 80s Basque Country. They did a cover of Iggy Pop and the Stooges I Wanna Be Your Dog changing the lyrics, which they renamed ‘I like being a slut’. Iconic.” – Inés

Lendarkaris Muertos: Eta Deja Alguna Discoteca

Eta Deja Alguna Discoteca ironically jokes about the Basque political independence conflict and asks ETA (the now dissolved terrorist group) to “leave some clubs” away from bombing (as they destroyed numerous clubs around the Basque Country.) The lyrics go “chavs don’t give a fuck about independence” and I think that’s genius. Humour is healthy.” – Inés

Eskorbuto: Mucha Policia Poca Diversion

“The song title means ‘too much police too little fun’ which talks for itself, and it’s by the legendary Basque punk band Eskorbuto.” – Inés

Edwin Starr: War

“War and get up stand up are songs I remember listening to in the car with my family and everyone shouting along, today they’re still amazing powerful songs you wanna dance to, with a message that will probably never be out of date” – Nina

Bob Marley: Get Up Stand Up

Peaches: Vaginoplasty

“Peaches is someone my hardcore feminist mom introduced me to at an early age and we’ve sat up many a night listening to her beautiful weirdness. I love so many of her songs, but Vaginoplasty is one of my favorites!” – Amanda

Ida Maria: I Eat Boys Like You For Breakfast

I Eat Boys Like You for Breakfast makes me feel super pumped and empowered and is the perfect response when boys are being mean to you.” – Amanda

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