In Photos: A Slice of London’s Queer Night Dwellers

In the past couple of years, London’s LGBT community has suffered blow after blow of gentrification, with Madame Jojo’s, The George & Dragon and The Black Cap closing their doors and resembling nothing more than architectural scars to a pissed off community clinging on to a fleeting queer culture.

These buildings, once thriving sanctuaries for the sequin freaks and the undefined, now resemble social mausoleums, trapped in frozen time, living and dying in everything that used to inhabit them. But the club-kids, queers and drag queens of 2016 London are failing to surrender up their sass and creative integrity to the dreaded “G” word. Sure, they live for Uber and Brick Lane bagels like the most of us, but they sure as hell aren’t going to let property developers spoil their glittery nights out.

HISKIND have teamed up with LGBT photographer Jack William Hope Walker who prowls the streets of London to capture just a glimpse of the beauty that inhabits the city. Heralding from a Dungeons & Drag Queens themed night at LGBT club WUT! Club, Walker’s imagery encapsulates what it means to be unapologetically free and queer in a post-Brexit London.

Catch the illustrious photo-series below:
Words // Dean Eastmond
Imagery // Jack William Hope Walker