Palomo Spain: Defying Gender Norms in Fashion

New York Fashion Week: Men’s, while still in its infancy in comparison to it’s British cousin, isn’t often the best place to search for gender-defying style. Sure, you’ve got the likes of Baja East and Raf Simons to playfully blur those lines from time to time, but New York has yet to have its own Meadham Kirchhoff or Ed Marler. At least, that is, until now.

Though based in Spain, founder Alejandro Gomez Palomo has most certainly got a certain joie de vivre that totally dispels any gender norms that commonly underpin men’s fashion. Everything from billowing sleeves to ruffled seams and velvet bellbottoms in dusty, rosy pinks to the blushing bride’s garter and stockings permeates throughout Palomo’s collections, instantly turning heads and snapping our attention. If you look at his Instagram, you’ll see how he gender erodes gender barriers with photo that he posts.

But it’s not just the gender-defying aesthetic that catches one’s eye. Zoom in on the details and you’ll see meticulous tailoring skills and an attention to the finer details, harking to the same sort of couture-like quality that designers like Cristobel Balenciaga – a fellow Spaniard – presented before him. Further to this, it’s Palomo’s unabashed love of colour that instantly stands out – in an industry where colour is often seen as a risky move for fledgling brands, it’s Palomo’s dedicated approach to colours, feathers, and even effervescent prints that really make him one to keep an eye on.

Discover Palomo Spain on Instagram or visit the website for a decidedly fanciful approach to this gender-spinning take on style. After all – the boy’s definitely on to something.

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