Over One Third of LGBT+ Couples Laughed At Whilst On Holiday

Virgin Holidays latest study reveals that 85% of straight couples embrace PDA’s on holiday in comparison to just 5% of LGBT+ holidaymakers.

To combat the issue and raise awareness, Virgin Holidays partnered up with issues-driven publisher ATTN: in an attempt to switch the roles and ask themselves ‘What if’ straight couples received the same treatment. The video plays with all the different aspects of discrimination unveiled in the study, from hostile hotel staff to verbal abuse by bystanders, and will hopefully make it obvious how ridiculous it is that some have to deal with all of this in 2017.

The video is part of Virgin Holidays three-year plan to become one of the friendliest LGBT+ companies in travel with a plan that focused on empowering staff, educating customers and influencing suppliers. This year the tour operator has focused on using its influence to advance LGBT+ equality in conservative regions such as the Caribbean.

At the Caribbean Hoteliers and Tourism Association Conference in Miami the travel company convened close to 100 of the most influential industry stakeholders, and laid out the argument for LGBT+ inclusion. Despite the Caribbean having some repressive laws, the Association has agreed to establish its first-ever working group to address LGBT+ issues in the region.

To find out more about Virgin Holidays’ commitment to LGBT+ equality click here.