This Norwegian Talent Show Is Charting New Territories With Its Brilliant New Concept

In a world full of talent shows that follow the same repeated formula, it’s hard to find one that really does wow us anymore. This is however until we learned about this brand new talent show over in Norway on the TV2 network, The Stream.

This show is Norway’s newest music competition and it’s based around streaming and music labels – names such as Universal Music, Warmer Music and Sony Music. How this show works is musicians can send their auditions to The Stream from their homes and it gets posted online where the world is free to view their offerings. The top 100 artists that garner the most streams online then go on to showcase for three representatives from 3 the biggest record labels in the industry.

Details on what happens after this stage of the contest are a bit iffy, but what we do know is that streaming platform Spotify is also involved in this innovative talent show. It’s great to see that a talent show come out onto the scene, which really does give musicians an actual chance of a career.

Shows like the x-factor have launched some brilliant musicians onto the music scene, but the support for these contestants has slipped greatly. This new show puts the contestants in front of these major labels, what these labels are seeing could be the next big name in music, it’s great to have that opportunity opened to the talented public who are looking for a way to get their careers going.

Will this show launch what could be the next big talent show phenomenon? will it go global? Only time will tell; but for now this show is due to begin next week, so fingers crossed it goes well because this format is what the industry needs.

Words // Connor Spilsbury-Brown