The Only Musical Theatre Workout Playlist You Need in Your Life

The musical theatre genre represents a multitude of music that is inspiring, empowering and guaranteed to give you that feel-good feeling. Surprisingly belting out show tunes in your car isn’t the only way to make the most of out these iconic theatre soundtracks.

To accompany your workout, stick on our playlist to that highlights the most energetic and high-powered numbers from the best of the West End’s past, present and future.

Whipped Into Shape // Legally Blonde
Bend and Snap // Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde’s whole soundtrack is ideal for the gym, but these two particular records are perfect for strength. You’ll be whipped into shape in no time with the musical theatre epitome of motivating music. For a musical all about being the best version of yourself and striving for success, there is no doubt Legally Blonde is an essential choice for the gym.

Squat to Bend and Snap and get your abs burning to Whipped Into Shape, you’ll never have been so grateful for Mr Callahan’s dialogue in the middle of the track as it is ideal for a well deserved break in-between crunches.

Sex is in the Heel // Kinky Boots
Raise you up/ Just Be // Kinky Boots

These Kinky Boots tracks are exuberant, aside from their bouncy tempo and creating a contemporary style of music, it is a soundtrack that will inevitably have you feeling sassy whilst you run on the treadmill as if you were strutting down the catwalk. Kinky Boots is your best friend for cardio, embrace it and it will leave you feeling fiercely fit.

My Shot // Hamilton
96000 // In The Heights

Ditch Kanye West, if you are looking for some heavy beats and punchy rap then look no further than Lin Man Manuel’s musicals Hamilton and In The Heights’s. Both have a hip hop edge that takes modern musical theatre to a whole new level. These numbers pulsate vigour and passion, each track will hit you with sudden amount stamina. Also if the person on the machine next to you can hear your music through your headphones – you’ll still maintain a solid reputation.

Make Me Stronger // Memphis
Stronger // Finding Neverland

Many musical theatre songs are about personal power; these two numbers will ultimately remind yourself to keep strong when your muscles are feeling weak. With a show from West End’s past and one soon to arrive, both these Memphis and Finding Neverland tracks don’t just have the West End in common. Beverley Knight’s dynamic gospel vocals mirror Matthew Morrison’s spectacularly inspiring vocals that keep us feeling strong and oozing with confidence during our workout.

Stick It To The Man // School of Rock
When I Climb To The Top Of Mount Rock // School of Rock

Comparable to Hamilton and In The Heights, you’ll keep your cool points with this one as these thrashing rock numbers have an undeniable amount of power and aggression. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s adaptation of the iconic movie School of Rock that is headed to the West End this October has a catalogue of powerhouse anthems to get you through your workout.

Freak Flag // Shrek
Revolting Children // Matilda

Even some of the child focused musicals keep us going on the cross trainer with their pacy upbeat score and narrative lyrics that distract us from the fact we are actually doing exercise. The force of the ensemble in each of these numbers will push you into training a little bit harder – as long as you’re not too out of breath from humming along.

Here at HISKIND, we have decided made your workouts a little less painful with our official West End Workout playlist. Get onto Spotify, download it and break a sweat. Armed with our playlist you’ll never complain at the gym again, because as Legally Blonde’s Brooke Windham says “What does not kill us makes us hotter.”

Check out the full playlist here:

Words – Amy Stutz