Premiere: Listen To Rose Gray’s Ode To Hope And Healing, ‘We Get By’

Rose Gray’s heart-wrenching We Get By is one that touches the mind and soul. What could’ve been a typical piano ballad has been transcended into an emotive journey Gray experiences with herself.

“I think there are so many pressures on us, there are such high ideals and expectations that sometimes it all just gets too much. I have so many friends who I know are feeling this. Sometimes it’s ok to just put your hands up and say right now I’m not great, but we will get through this,” she explains.

The visuals follow a present day Gray coming face-to-face with the wreckage of her past self, reassuring her that despite all troubles, life will eventually flourish into something more graceful. Not to mistake We Get By as an empathetic raincloud-over-my-head type track, the artist reassures us that a positive message is hidden in there and that “there is always light, and I want that to shine through.”

Directed by Graham Bryan, the visuals capture an honest piece of drama unfolding in front of our very own eyes. Gray reinforces the message of hope and healing, ensuring that “even in these darkest moments and times, that there’s so much hope,” which is a little bit of what everyone could do with.

Recorded in an impressive one take, We Get By represents the final chapter to Gray’s upcoming visual EP Blue and will conclude the story as the release’s final number.

Blue is out tomorrow (01/09/17).

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