LGBT+ Film Festival BFI Flare Launch 2017 Programme

British Film Institute have announced and launched their programme for the 31st annual BFI Flare festival, celebrating queer film and filmmakers.

Following on from an impressive 30th anniversary, this year’s programme will host the World Premiere of new British film Against the Law, which commemorates 50 years since the partial decrimilisaion of homosexuality in the UK in Fergus O’Brien’s timely and sensitive biopic. This year is split into three categories, with a plethora of titles under each: Hearts (celebrating love, romance and friendship), Bodies (stories of sex, identity and transformation) and Minds (reflections on art, politics and community).

After Louie. Dir Vincent Gagliostro.

The full lineup also includes world premieres of Alan Cumming led US drama After Louie and filmmaker Ashley Joiner’s documentary Pride?, detailing the history of Britain’s gay-pride celebrations.

Not only paying tribute to the past achievements of both LGBT people and LGBT filmmaking, the festival remains focused on the future of queer talent, offering entertainment mentorships for aspiring and upcoming LGBT filmmakers in conjunction with BAFTA.

BFI Deputy Head of Festivals Tricia Tuttle said: “If last year’s 30th anniversary of the Festival was time for reflection on just how far we’ve come, many world events in the 12 months since have reminded us just how vital this event still is. And what a programme we have to offer this year – it’s vibrant, politically engaged, playful, stirring – and with a number of world, international and European premieres on offer, BFI Flare is absolutely the place to see the best new LGBT cinema first.”

Diane from the Moon. Dir Hanna Ladoul, Marco La Via

This year’s programme is rich with diversity and cultural integrity, boasting titles across classic and contemporary filmmaking. Everything from reconsidering the concept of camp through film to exploring the damaging impact of changing pornography, discovering the forgotten queer films of the silent era to examining intersectionality across creative cultures, this year’s festival prides itself on political, provocative and playful curation in a constantly changing political landscape for queer people.

For the full programme and more, visit their website here.

Feature Image: Brief Encounters: Four films about getting what you want, or what you think you want. Tickets here.

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