LÉON – Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen Gig Review

Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen is the perfect venue for a gig with an up and coming alt-pop singer due to it’s chilled vibe where one can sit and have a drink then head into the back room for some truly decent Scandinavian pop.

Relying on no mainstream radio play, LÉON has already accumulated millions of listens. Starting her set a little later than planned I was about to start throwing tomatoes on the stage but then came to the conclusion she was worth the wait and out she came dressed in a black velvet dress, ready to snatch all of our wigs off.

Featuring covers from Arctic Monkeys and Fleetwood Mac, LÉON gave the chance for strangers to her music a chance to listen to the familiar and experience her incredible vocal acrobatics. It is always nice to see a singer that sounds very similar to their studio recordings. You know what you’re paying for and you know you’re going to get a good show.

LÉON sang a good handful of her own material which deviates from your classic alt-pop banger to a slow, loving ballad, proving she is capable of intimacy and not afraid to have a good dance either. Her stage presence has an awkwardness that’s more captivating than embarrassing, and everyone embraced her with open arms. The more shows LÉON can do, the better. A woman with a great voice, attractive 3-piece band and some really good tracks to add to the mix.

Photos: Anna Smith

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