Introducing Issue Three of HISKIND

The third issue of HISKIND is in memory of Dean Eastmond, our co-founder and friend who lost his battle with cancer this September. Whilst the past few weeks have been tough for us, we are extremely proud of our Autumn issue and hope to continue the epic legacy that Dean left behind.

The wonderful thing about music is its ability to make people realise that they are not alone through feeling the spirit of community and unity.

Our HISKIND mission statement surrounds our aim to improve conversation between gay men, the LGBT+ community and our allies. Music, more often than not, plays a prominent role in doing just that, acting as a singular universal language that forms a powerful social glue, allowing any listener from any walk of life to connect and resonate with.

Music from the LGBTQ+ community holds more of a prominence in present day than ever before, with the likes of MUNA fearlessly championing the undeniable power of queer girl power to Hercules And Love Affair’s Andy Butler opening the door to conversations around addiction and abuse, both more-than-familiar taboo aspects of the LGBTQ+ community.

By highlighting these subjects in music, the conversation is kept alive and by celebrating those championing it, we hope to mirror the positive impact of music on the LGBTQ+ community.

From discussing the art of podcasting for an LGBTQ+ audience with Will Young and Chris Sweeney to how to tackle a summer of Pride events with on-the-rise star BETSY (alongside so much more), we hope you find our music issue as enjoyable to read as we found making it.

This Thursday (21/09/17), we’ll be located at various London tube stations ready to hand out copies. Catch us at Tottenham Court Road, Leicester Square, Liverpool Street and Oxford Circus tube stations to grab your free copy. As per, HISKIND can be found at the gates and lounges of numerous airport lounges, in every bedroom of W or Aloft Hotels around the UK and Ireland and via our premium subscription service and on Virgin’s BEAM service. We’re also working with PressReader so HISKIND will now be available digitally in 17 different languages in locations around the globe including hotel bedrooms, cruise lines, concierge cars, hospitals and offices.

If you manage to grab a copy, let us know over our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We’d love to hear what you love and what you’d want to see in issue three! Like we’ve said time and time again, HISKIND is created for the community, by the community. We have only survived through the love and belief our readers have given us.

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