Introducing Issue One of HISKIND

Launching a print publication in 2017 is no easy task, but it’s been something integral to all of us at HISKIND to create a platform both online and in print that celebrates LGBT life and experience in the 21st century.

So here it is, issue one. Created by the community, for the community. HISKIND began as a bedroom project 18 months ago and now aims to bridge the world between gay and straight media, through the best of lifestyle, music, fashion, culture and thought.

This magazine is free, yours to keep and yours to be part of. You will find us across 700 venues across the UK, from the best coffee shops to cocktail bars, hotel lobbies to record stores, art galleries to barber shops. You will find us at the gates and lounges of major airlines and available for digital download on Issuu and Magster along with Virgin Train’s BEAM service and on Eurostar services. For those not able to get away from the office, we’ll also be stocking in 400 corporate offices across the UK.

In this issue:

We meet an active member of the Ku Klux Klan to talk about Trump, neo-nazism and the unsettling rise of the ‘alt-right’

Pop sensation Dua Lipa chats all things music and why she performed with her dad on stage in front of 18,000 fans

HISKIND’s Publishing Editor Dean Eastmond discusses the parallels between cancer and body image

Music meets mental health in our investigation in how the industry is challenging stigmas to help artists

Transphobia gets the finger as we profile Charlie Craggs, the trans activist tackling inequality one painted nail at a time

We look into the culture of bleak fashion brands latching themselves into the mainstream

LGBT Editor at Buzzfeed Patrick Strudwick discusses his impressive and important career in journalism and how his stories have impacted international legal systems

Clubkid’s 21st century face SUSSI takes a break away from the parties to chat pronouns to queer culture

We’ll be releasing the full list of stockists shortly. For those who can’t wait, we’re available on ISSUU now.

Issue one out now.

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