Inside Threadneedle Bar: The Fusion of Vintage and Trend

With both spring – at least formally, and the weekend upon us, this Friday warrants celebration. If you’re going to mark the occasion, we suggest you mark it in style – and The Royal Exchange’s Threadneedle Bar will help you do just that. Come test out the trendiest cocktail twist of the moment, reimagined to match the elegance of The Royal Exchange, a venue we all know and love.

Firmly located in one of London’s most iconic buildings, beating with the pulse of The City, The Threadneedle bar overlooks the luxurious Royal Exchange gallery in a vibe that marries modern chic with all-time class.

Whilst their menu famously juggles a selection of old-time favourite drinks and treasured vintage wines, the new menu sets to tempt cocktail aficionados through its masterful update of the smoky cocktail. Intrinsically smoky ingredients, such as whisky and mezcal, are infused with wood smoke, adding a definite edge to this immersive experience.

Uncompromising flavours and outsized character is a common theme throughout the menu, as mixes loyally combine both presentation and the prestigious bartending expertise of the venue. Sample surprising combinations such as The Lumberjack – packing the flavor of an American getaway in its reshuffling of Woodford reserve, maple syrup and a tasteful addition of bacon which leaves a sweet, nostalgic taste lingering in your mouth; or the all-time classic The Art of Rum, a subtle, yet highly successful, reimagining of staple ingredients.

The White Lord quite literally is an unmissable highlight, for those connoisseurs that are looking to challenge the art of the presentation. The perfectly balanced mix of Tanqueray, Suze and Martini Blanco will surely leave you with a lasting, glowing impression.

Defy the weather forecast and put away those winter blues once and for all and let the smell of smoke carry you well into spring in this oasis of calm in the heart of the city. The selection of cocktails is offered Monday to Friday, running from 11 a.m to 11 p.m. In London, it’s never too late for some last-minute Friday night plans.

For more information on their perfectly poured cocktails, prices and full menu, visit the website.

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