Inside the Eccleston Square Hotel

The Aesthetic

The Eccleston Square Hotel serves quintessential Britishness in its purest form. Built in the early 1800s and former residence to the likes of Princess Victoria and Lord Louis Mountbatten, the two townhouses marry together to form a hotel that’s a sight for tired eyes. Confident white columns welcome guests into a haven of English luxury as two monochrome union flags hold themselves over a grand entrance that just yearns for your arrival. A sanctuary for Mr & Mr bookings, the Eccleston Square Hotel’s 39 bedrooms either have garden or city views, some with private balconies and courtyards and all with a plethora of luxurious complimentary amenities and curiosities waiting to be discovered. Voted Best Hotel in London 2016 by Condé Nast Traveller, the hotel opened in 2011 after a £6.5million refurbishment by owners Olivia and James Byrne to create a whole new and needed breed of hotels; ‘hi-class’. Olivia is a force to be reckoned with on the European hotelier landscape, being only 23 when opening the hotel and retaining herself as one of the most formidable but friendly and genuine hotel owners in London.

The Room

The rooms themselves are a menagerie of luxury. Regulating to the “hi-class” aesthetic, each room is provided with a complimentary in-room iPad 2 with concierge service. Everything from over 100 free 3D movies being easily ordered, to recommendations on the best local amenities and attractions, to in-house menus, the iPads offer knowledge with ease, elegance and style. Out are the days of tacky travel guides being kept in bed-side drawers, in is ESH’s model. Each room is provided with a complimentary smart phone offering unlimited data and free calls to mobiles and landlines in the USA, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the UK. This is a slick and clever move of the hotel, which oozes appeal to the anglophile traveller with its decadent Britishness. Removing any stress caused by mobile roaming charges and draining batteries, the hotel ensures comfort comes first through high quality services such as these. If that wasn’t hight tech enough, the room’s bed is overlooked by a 46” 3D Panasonic screen with SKYTV, with a sister ‘hidden’ TV located in the heated mirror in the compact yet glitzy bathroom. It’s not all about technology though, with L’Occitane pillow mist for the bed and a personalised curated scent created exclusively for the hotel offering an overwhelming element of relaxation.

The bathroom itself is a boy’s toy in its own right. Every bathroom is installed with ‘smart glass walls’ which turn from transparent to opaque with the touch of a finger. How this works and why it’s physically possible not only calls for hours of feeling like a child again, but offers guests a personalised privacy curation for whatever the reason. If this alone isn’t worth the booking price, I’m not sure what is. The room’s shower is available in a platitude of manners, with multiple shower heads and sizes offering the perfected shower with complimentary L’Occitane bathroom and aromatherapy products including L’Occitane essential oils.

The Bed

Dubbed the ‘world’s best beds” and no doubt the creme de la creme to the hotel, Eccleston’s Square’s Swedish Hästens beds are electronically adjustable and feature vibrating massage programmes. Retailing at around £12,000 each, each bed redefines the ultimate level of bliss and comfort. It’s the kind of bed that would pardon you for neglecting your sightseeing duties just to spend an extra few hours snuggled up in a massage-induced, faux-fur throw topped happiness. Mastered through six generations of luxury Swedish bed-makers, Hästens have grown to be one of the most prestigious brands for the hotelier.

The Breakfast

The front facing eatery blends a strong modern monochromatic aesthetic with a sense of urban glamour and grandeur, overlooked by a central crystal chandelier demanding to be the room’s focal point. Lighting is key to quality in this eatery, offering a refreshing morning wakeup without the need of seven double espressos and unfamiliar hotel alarm clocks. The vibe is quaint and definitely on the ’boutique’ compass, but not this boring pre-2015 shabby-chic kind. Comfort comes easy and is no doubt a result of the size of the dining area. Being located within two compact townhouses, utilising space would have been no doubt a tricky element for Olivia in creating a hotel that feels breathable, but it works. In addition to the complimentary super-fast Wi-Fi, each seat features a charging unit for mobiles and laptops.

The breakfast menu itself is enough of what you know not to scare you off, but with enough surprises to ensure no one is bored. A HISKIND favourite was the Cinnamon French Toast served with fresh summer fruits and maple syrup. For the guilty Instagrammer, dining with ESH offers countless good lighting opportunities to ignite envy in your followers.

The Location

Eccleston Square Hotel prides itself in its perfect location. Scratch the surface of the idyllic, white fronted square and you immediately find yourself in the London hustle-bustle of Victoria. The hotel prides itself on being a five minute walk away from two of the most visited West End theatre in London: Victoria Palace Theatre (soon to be home of Lin Manuel-Miranda’s Hamilton) and the iconic home of Wicked, the Apollo Victoria Theatre. Five minutes more will take you to the St James Theatre London, home to some of the most exciting theatrical revivals. For those in the city who find the inexhaustibility of London a little smothering, ESH offers the perfect escape within the idyllic sanctuary of the square. Close to major London transport terminals, including the Gatwick Express, ESH offers ease to prevent overpriced taxi rides or struggling down streets with heavy suitcases.

The square itself is a spectacle worth mentioning. The secret and residential gardens of Eccleston Square were once the exclusive picnic spot for the elite residents and their high society and royal friends, like Oscar Wilde. Even to this day, the private gardens of Eccleston Square are strictly for residents of the square (and hotel guests) and offer a calm, botanical oasis away from the prying eyes and stimulation of this capital city. The hotel offers immediate access to the square as well as luxurious Prosecco picnic hamper upgrades.

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